Justin Kimbrough is Helping Others Build Their Own Businesses By Sharing His Own Knowledge and Network

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Justin Kimbrough, was born in the big city of Arlington in the state of Texas on June 6, 1997, started his entrepreneurial career when he was 18 years old trading penny stocks. He converted 3K into 100K while attending college, which he later dropped out of after realizing he was not getting the education he wanted.

I started my entrepreneurial career when I was 18 years old trading penny stocks with Timothy Sykes. I converted 3k into 100k while attending my college classes.” Justin explains.

After this, Justin dropped out of college. He was tired of being taught business classes by professors who did not even own businesses. He felt he should have been the one teaching the classes and not the other way around.

Shortly thereafter, Justin acquired many of his founding business principles by working in the Forex market for a multi-level marketing company. He realized that he had to develop personal relationships that would allow him to tap into other people’s personal networks in order to achieve a greater level of success.

Learning about personal development is the gateway to your success. The networking side showed me how to leverage other people’s networks and I realized that it’s a very small world if you can do that. You are only five contacts away from anyone on earth, especially with the new day and the new age of the Internet.” Justin comments.

Since then, Justin has specialized in networking, sales, and bringing people together. He has helped clients scale their social media platforms, their brands, their income, their presence in the news and more.

I realized that I have so many connections and opportunities from my relationships and contacts that it would be selfish to keep them all to myself. My biggest goal is to help millions of people to crush their goals and feel fulfilled. Focusing on trying to help others succeed along with my own has led me to make a lot of money.” Justin states. 

In addition to his work in the business world, Justin has numerous hobbies and passions that he works on outside of his work life. Most importantly, he is a pro golfer who hopes to eventually beat Tiger Woods on the PGA.

Furthermore, Justin cares deeply about the environment. He considers himself a passionate environmentalist who is a hundred percent Vegan. Because of this passion he has decided to invest some of the money he earns to improve the world and society.

I want to use the money I earn to improve the world and society, for it to be a better place for humans and nature. To do this I finance projects and educate people to improve their health and the environment.” Justin remarks.

Justin believes that there is no business that he is directly competing against. This allows him to be as transparent as possible when creating his businesses and growing them because he does not have to hide his techniques from others.

I believe that my success and transparency is what separates me from others when it comes to trusting business. What keeps me competitive is the people I am constantly surrounded by. Most of them are ahead of me and much richer than I am, so naturally, as a competitive person, I always strive to move up a level.” Justin claims.

Justin’s next projects include growing his businesses and utilizing his network as much as possible. 

I plan on expanding my network, I’ve become more involved in real estate lately, I love to travel so I plan to make more global connections around the world.” Justin says.

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