Laura Lang on Providing a Positive Homebuying Experience- It’s Personal to the Buyer not Business

 Laura Lang on Providing a Positive Homebuying Experience- It’s Personal to the Buyer not Business

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Laura Lang is a Senior Mortgage Banker and Sales Team Leader at Cardinal Financial Company in New Jersey. Beyond her career, she is a wife, mother, friend, and homeowner in Chester, New Jersey. Laura has stood out time after time in a male dominant industry through her spectacular performance, and works to inspire upcoming women and men in the industry. As a leader in the mortgage industry, Laura is well versed in every aspect of the homebuying experience, understanding the feelings and emotions of buyers and sellers throughout transactions.


During one of, if not the most, emotional transaction of someone’s life, it is essential for mortgage lenders to understand and accommodate the emotional aspect of the purchase of a home. Seeing it as an emotional journey rather than a business transaction, Laura puts herself in the shoes of her clients to ensure they understand every step, and are happy throughout their entire experience. “I try to understand my clients’ purpose for buying a home and where they are in their lives and what this means to them. I essentially hold my clients hand through the entire process because as exciting as it is, it can be stressful. I am always available for questions, concerns and advice and create a genuine attachment to many of my clients that lasts beyond their closing.”


Buying or selling a home  truly changes people’s lives for the better. Where you live and the quality of your surroundings has never been more important to people than today, largely due to the pandemic. Laura ensures her clients have the best mortgage experience possible so that they can focus on the excitement and joy of moving their family into their new home. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate market has flourished with people looking to buy homes away from cities and busier areas. With the market at an all time high, people continue to search for their dream home! I encourage people to keep at it in this competitive market because becoming a homeowner for the first time or buying your dream home is one of the greatest accomplishments that truly changes your quality of life.


Being a mortgage lender is one thing, but standing out and becoming an industry leader is not that simple. Laura Lang has spent years perfecting the art of being a great mortgage lender. Holding her clients’ hands and understanding the needs of families to be educated throughout the process, while providing that emotional support, is something that Laura prides herself on doing. It has become increasingly important for lenders to be supportive both financially and emotionally with their clients in today’s competitive market. “I have seen too many lenders that have become desensitized in the industry and solely have a selfish mind-set of achieving prosperity and success for themselves. I believe it is all about the client and if you put them first everything else will follow.”

Laura Lang’s mortgage career started just like any other, but the way she has adapted, treated her clients, and gone the extra mile has morphed into her industry leading status. Throughout an extremely emotional and important decision of her clients’ lives, she is there every step of the way to ensure satisfaction in every aspect of their homebuying experience. In leading the Sales Team at Cardinal Financial Company, Laura continuously instills valuable attributes into forthcoming mortgage lenders, and upholds only the greatest integrity throughout the homebuying process for her clients. To learn more about Laura Lang and Cardinal Financial Company, click here.