Mads Kristensen, Celebrity Entrepreneur, Personifies Growth and Transformation

 Mads Kristensen, Celebrity Entrepreneur, Personifies Growth and Transformation

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  Mads Kristensen is living proof of how a righteous mindset and will of steel can amount to amazing success. He did a total 180°in terms of his relationship with responsibilities, choosing to take on his dreams fully without feeling like his freedom would be diminished. Mads always loved the “free life”. When he was 23 years old, he became a full-time member of Hells Angels in Denmark. After he eventually left the club in 2011, Mads started to make more studios and it grew and grew. When his father saw that he had changed his life path, Mads was once again accepted and now they have more construction together and a good relationship. 


  Mads has been living in Germany now for 15 years, but he is originally from Denmark.  He has reached celebrity status as an entertainer. He acted in television shows in Denmark: For lækker til love & Familien fra Bryggen. He also made his professional debut as a boxer in the heavyweight division in November 2019 in Denmark.  Being a fighter in boxing gave him the confidence to take chances, and that fighter spirit has helped him excel in the business world. Being an entrepreneur, Mads thinks about consequences more thoroughly before executing his actions. Mads advises “NOT to give your answer right away in business, always take time to think it over some nights.”


  At 39 years old, he is self-employed now with vast and diverse business ventures: construction, bar, disco, tattoo parlors, & fight events.  Despite business endeavors in the nightlife realm, Mads prefers getting up early in the morning and having a good, productive day.  A major motivation for Mads is proving the haters wrong and making his parents proud. He loves to share his success with the less fortunate. Mads gives back in the form of donations to all kinds of institutions like homeless shelters, animal shelters, and poverty programs. Last Christmas, he visited families that didn’t have much and gave them presents for the kids and food for their holiday.


  He has achieved so much despite having had a bit of a late start. He had an amazing childhood with a loving and supportive family, but he grew up as a very troubling kid. In fact, he was expelled from 11 different schools, and his mother had to teach him from home. He feels he owes the world to her for this because she really did an incredible job at it. Mads ended up getting top scores in all subjects. Having role models to learn from is imperative in his eyes. 


  On social media, Mads Kristensen inspires people who may be struggling by showing them that their past doesn’t decide their future. Success comes to those who do what it takes to build it up. Mads is a proponent of resiliency because challenges are bound to occur. He emphasizes “not to give up when it gets tough because it will get tough at some point.” He is on Facebook, and on his Instagram page, Mads Kristensen shares an authentic depiction of his courageous life. He keeps all his content totally free from borrowed feathers. He is definitely an influence you would benefit from.