Marcello Cantu On Building Project Wifi

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Entrepreneur Marcello Cantu built monthly six-figure eCommerce stores from the ground up.

One of the founders of a thriving Amazon Management company called Project Wifi (@Projectwifi), Cantu plans on reaching new heights as a budding entrepreneur.

After graduating high school at the young age of 17, he enrolled at the University of Texas at Dallas to pursue business. Cantu excelled in his post secondary education quickly adding a B.A in Marketing to his resume.

Today, he is a founder and a key component of the daily operations for Project Wifi.

By the end of 2020’s first quarter, the start-up scaled to 7 figures and currently employs over 50 individuals both in the United States and at their office overseas in the Philippines.

Before his venture with Project Wifi, Cantu was just a normal guy with goals and ambitions. He wanted to surround himself with a good support system and sought financial freedom.

Cantu aspired to be an entrepreneur early in life. Growing up around a small family-owned auto-upholstery business, he was motivated to make himself into something special.

He’d watched his grandfather build a family business lasting over thirty years. Though he dreamt of starting a business of his own he decided to pursue education before his dreams.

“It was crazy, I remember being in a business class during my junior year and learning from a professor who had never owned a real business,” said Cantu. “I remember a time where I kept thinking of dropping out, but I was already almost done.”

After graduating university, Cantu said goodbye to his family and friends in Dallas, Texas and began his new journey in Los Angeles.

He attended his first networking event in New Port, California for an in-person eCommerce class where he connected with future business partner Andy Ta Kong.

“A few weeks later, I went to Andy’s birthday party. It’s insane when I think about it now. It was the first time we had hung out and we were talking about Amazon and partnering up together for an hour while about a hundred people downstairs partied and were looking for him the whole night,” he says.

After partnering in their first eCommerce business, Cantu and Ta Kong scaled it to six figures a month in 5 months.

“At that time, Andy had a roommate Paul Parker who really wanted in on the action, so we brought him in” said Cantu.

Cantu attended his second networking event in LA hosted by ATM business guru Mohammed Shakaoat.

“I had no intention of partnering up with Moe,” said Cantu.

After learning about Cantu’s quickly growing eCommerce business Shakaoat and Cantu were intrigued by a possible partnership in the future.

“Moe had an Amazon store himself that grossed an average of 200k/month. We all linked up and decided to form Project Wifi. A month later we were in the Philippines, getting an office, building our infrastructure, and training new employees. The rest is history,” he explains.

Cantu joined forces with link-minded individuals and together Project Wifi thrived. They continue to build up an empire together.

For more information on Project Wifi, feel free to check out their website at

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