Meet Bob Mangat: The Serial Entrepreneur That Can Teach You How To Grow Your Business in 18 Months

 Meet Bob Mangat: The Serial Entrepreneur That Can Teach You How To Grow Your Business in 18 Months

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Known to turn business ideas into multi-million dollar companies, Bob Mangat thrives on building brand authority and no stranger to the entrepreneurial mindset that is needed to create your dream life. He has done it several times, for himself, and others. In fact, he has worked with over 2000 companies and helped many of them double or triple their revenues within 18 months of working with him. 

Who Is Bob Mangat?

Dubbed the automated serial entrepreneur, Bob Mangat has been perfecting the formula in the online space for some time. He started early by creating a profitable real estate company, one that stands as being one of the most successful ones in Canada to this date. 


After that, he built the invigo group, which consisted of several companies under one umbrella. Within 5 years, with zero capital, that group became a multi-million dollar business. If that isn’t enough, he simultaneously authored two books: The Automated Entrepreneur: How To Boost Sales, Maximize Profits, and CRUSH the Competition; and Pain Inc.:  How To Create A Mass Army Of Customers Willing To Pay You Cash For Your Services. Bob went on to become a two-time Two Comma Club winner and appeared in numerous notorious publications including Forbes, HuffPost, Entrepreneur, Yahoo, and more.


While Bob has a strong work ethic, he is driven by the end goal. “Remember 6 months of hard work and focus can put you 5 years ahead in life,” says Bob. 


In addition to growing businesses, he enjoys mentoring others to grow and live their dream life. He is living proof that is possible. 

Been Doing This A Long Time

Though Bob’s achievements, as depicted above, may be enough to settle into retirement, his passion for creating and helping others grow in today’s online space fuels him. He spent a long time perfecting the formula he has created and then tested it out over and over on the businesses he helped grow. 


It’s no wonder that his newest company 1440 Ventures, builds, acquires and grows real estate, e-commerce and technological companies. 


With 1440 Ventures, Bob focuses on increasing the cash flow of the businesses in an accelerated manner. The company takes brands, builds them up, invests within them to fast-track their growth and success online. 


1440 Ventures recently built its newest company, 

The Secrets To Increasing CashFlow

Cartclicks is an agency that scales e-commerce brands using their proprietary system of managing ads for online retail companies. They have seen their clients achieve 3 to 5 times their ROI and earn revenues beyond 6 figures within 30 days. 


Bob’s belief is that if you want to grow in the online space, there is ample room, however, you need to value your time and make every minute count. Time, quite literally, is money. 


Once you have a proven formula in place, there is a need to understand what parts of your business can be automated, which parts you are best suited to manage or get support on. You then need to invest not only money but time. 


“When you look closely, most overnight successes didn’t happen overnight,” encourages Bob. While once the profit formula kicks in, it can happen fast, the foundations of the business, the idea, the people, and the pricing all need to put in place. 


Bob can help make that happen and has done so for many entrepreneurs. 


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