Meet CJ Hammond, CEO of Fit Legend Inc

 Meet CJ Hammond, CEO of Fit Legend Inc

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CJ Hammond is an entrepreneur who found his passion in the fitness industry and started his own business called Fit Legend Inc. CJ has learned many lessons in his life and learned something from each of those that has driven him to success. CJ was born and raised in the Washington DC area and attended St. Johns Catholic High School. He went on to play Division 1 football at Temple University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in HUman Resource Management. After graduating, he pursued his love of fitness by moving to Miami and opening his first sports performance gym: Fit Legend Sports and Fitness. 


However, after many challenges getting his feet on the ground with entrepreneurship, CJ closed his first business and accepted a new opportunity to move to Los Angeles to further his career in Pro-fitness. It was in LA that CJ Hammond developed his passion for boxing and learning the art of its “sweet science.” His craft has allowed him to train with some of the world’s top athletes from various sports such as Cam Newton, Angela Simmons, and Chase Young. 


CJ Hammond was determined to become an expert in the fitness industry and gain as much knowledge as possible to share with his clients. He is now an EXOS Performance Specialist and prides himself in developing and incorporating scientific-integrated programs within his workout routines. EXOS is a well respected organization for sports performance that helps people reach higher and achieve more. 


CJ differentiates himself from the competition with his love and passion for coaching. He is not an Instagram influencer who does it for the likes or followers. He has a great network of clientele that he has worked hard for years to get and build his credibility in the industry. He is well educated in both EXOS and NASM and knows how to coach and train all types of people. CJ Hammond’s biggest asset is being able to connect with people in a way that allows him to sustain long relationships with clients. 

CJ Hammond was inspired to get into his niche because while playing college football, he found his true passion of working out and when his playing days were over he wanted to help individuals become healthy and help other athletes achieve their goals. His greatest joy is knowing that he made someone feel better about themselves while only taking one hour out of their busy day to do so. The greatest reward for him is the long lasting relationships with his clients. To learn more about Fit Legend Inc and get started today, click here.