Meet Ryan Kearns, CEO of Fly Low Inc

 Meet Ryan Kearns, CEO of Fly Low Inc

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Ryan Kearns is an entrepreneur who took over his family business Fly Low Inc as he has worked so hard to expand the business and keep building the daily legacy. Ryan found motivation to get into the business when his father, hero, and mentor told him at the age of four years old that he would someday be running the family business. Most children at that age would hear that news and soon forget. However, Ryan took this information to heart and was constantly thinking about how to make things better for the family business as well as the world in general.


An important component of Ryan Kearns’ leadership is for him to provide a family oriented workplace that focuses on positivity and donating to charities. In fact, 10% of the company’s profits are given back to various charitable organizations. Ryan and his team are not afraid to get dirty and pitch in. One particular event he has been working hard on that is coming up is a scavenger hunt in the rivers of Colorado. Ryan and his team are planning on breaking up people into teams, and the team that collects the most trash by weight will win part of the $10,000 cash prize giveaway! They thought that this was a great way to attack the Ocean’s plastic problems at the source. 


The events that Ryan Kearns plans for his business and with his team attack problems at the source which is exactly how he runs his business as well.  One thing that is important to note about Ryan is that he loves to learn. He tries to spend 50% of his time teaching and 50% of his time listening. Ryan has developed his goal-setting skills over the years and is able to teach what he has learned in a calm and coherent manner!


The irony of Ryan’s ability to learn and teach stems from dropping out of high school when he was 16. This decision led him to start his first business called “KC Green and Snow” and employed his little brother. They were able to grow that little business quite a bit in a short amount of time. He goes on to say “It’s amazing how many people do not want to mow their lawns or shovel their driveways in Kansas and Missouri!” By using the money they had earned to invest into more advertising and equipment, Ryan Kearns and his brother were able to acquire more accounts! He says that business was his favorite because he didn’t know how to pay taxes yet. 


Ryan Kearns’ advice for those trying to start their own business and brand is to have a mentor and listen to them. Having a mentor is one of the best things an entrepreneur could do for themselves and their business because this person has already gone through the process, made many mistakes, learned from them, and can share these lessons with you. Ryan also loves helping other aspiring entrepreneurs and advising them on their journey as well since he has learned so much taking over the family business and learning how to make that transition as well. To learn more information about Ryan Kearns and his business, click here.