Meet Yan Stavisski, The Millenial Credit Guru

 Meet Yan Stavisski, The Millenial Credit Guru

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It was a pleasure interviewing Yan Stavisski, mentor to thousands and credit expert. He not only is changing and inspiring the lives of thousands each and every day, but he’s also gained significant attention in the entrepreneur space turning a tough personal financial situation at the age of 22 into multiple 6-figure businesses by the age of 25.

Yan originally immigrated to the US from Russia at the age of 7 and has always had the entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of 10, he started a neighborhood car washing business and then hired his friends to do the work when he realized this was the only way to wash more cars. Nonetheless, Yan eventually took the university route receiving 2 degrees in finance and marketing in hopes of a high paying job. It was after college he realized that his college degrees were quite useless after applying for nearly 100 job opportunities and getting none. “ A college education is something I wish I never spent the time or money doing and instead I wish I would’ve gone straight to work “ Yan says.

After leaving college with no job opportunities, Yan decided to go with entrepreneurship. “ I started about 5 different businesses at the same time, all from watching lambo-driving “entrepreneurs” and trying to do the businesses they promoted” he says. Having no income, Yan used his credit cards as start-up capital and with multiple months of no results, Yan accumulated over $82,000 worth of credit card debt. “ Everything seemed to be going downhill for me and this was certainly my rock-bottom” Yan explains. This harsh financial situation landed Yan at a sales job in hopes of earning some income to pay his debts and learn the skills needed to run a business.

Alongside the sales job, Yan spent his time learning about credit in hopes of fixing his 490 credit score at the time. The next 6 months were spent on earning income at his new job and learning everything there was to know about fixing his credit and how to use it correctly. With time, Yan was able to fix his own credit and pay off his debts. “I remember the day I was finally worth $0 because it was one of the happiest days of my life. With the income, sales skills, and advanced knowledge of credit, I now had potential for success” Yan says.

After nearly a year of learning how the credit system works and how to properly use it, Yan saw an opportunity to make money with real estate by funding short-term fix and flips and taking a percentage of the profits. “Borrowing money and not paying interest to the banks was something I learned was a possibility and this allowed me to profit on the fact that it is difficult to borrow money with good terms for short-term fix and flips, especially if the investor lacks credit knowledge” Yan explains. Not even a year goes by and Yan was able to leave his sales job after the income he was making leveraging and investing his available credit exceeded that of his job.

This was just the beginning as Yan is now on his way to building a large real estate portfolio among other investments that allow him not to trade his time for money and instead receive passive cash flow. “None of this would’ve been possible if I didn’t learn credit at the level I did. I’d still be struggling trading my time for money if my financial hardship didn’t force me to learn everything I know about credit today” Yan explains.

In 2019, Yan realized the education system set him up to fail and the vast majority of people are likely experiencing the same exact thing. He decided to revolutionize the financial education system by taking to social media in efforts of educating people what schools and colleges don’t teach them – how to properly establish and leverage your credit for personal and business purposes while avoiding the mistakes Yan originally made that landed him in $82,000 worth of credit card dent and $4,000 worth of monthly interest.

Today, Yan is a social media influencer and mentor to thousands following in his footsteps to become successful entrepreneurs. With just a quick glance at Yan’s ​social media accounts​, its quite apparent that he is truly making a positive impact on people’s lives and revolutionizing financial education with social media in a way very different from what his experience with college was which failed him.

“ Learn from those that do what you want to do, that is the best form of education” Yan suggests.