Melody Morales Runs a Successful Health, Wellness and Beauty Business: Find Out Who She Is

 Melody Morales Runs a Successful Health, Wellness and Beauty Business: Find Out Who She Is

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The experiences we live and overcome play a big role in defining who we are. This is something Melody Morales understands and takes into account when running her health, wellness and beauty business.

Melody is a big-city girl, born and raised in Los Angeles, and spending time in Reno and Las Vegas, and now central Florida. Through her life, Melody has gone through experiences that helped her see life in a different light.

“I have an overall appreciation for people, regardless of their accomplishments, socioeconomic status, what they can/cannot do for me, etc. I really do care about people and want to do whatever’s in my power to help them.” Melody shares.

In order to help people, Melody started her health, wellness and beauty business, through which she serves clients by offering them pure, safe, and beneficial products, as well as personal coaching.

“I’ve always had a passion for all things fitness, health, and beauty as well as a passion for helping other people so when the opportunity presented itself I had to take it.” Melody recounts.

Putting all of this together, Melody started her business in November 2019. It was important to her to have something of her own she could build and grow, given that her husband has his own business. 

I also wanted to serve my family, friends, followers through my passion for health, wellness and beauty.” Melody states.

But of course, Melody stumbled upon many challenges as we all do in our life journey. For Melody, the biggest challenges were remaining consistent and focused, which are very important for any business. In fact, consistency and focus are two words to keep in mind when you are going to start a new business, but it is also important to have the right mindset.

Mindset is everything when starting your own business. It’s something that has to be constantly addressed and adjusted. The belief in yourself and what you’re doing has to be there.” Melody explains.

With the right mindset, Melody was able to overcome fear, too, which for her is a state of mind that is intended to protect us, but tends to also halt our dreams or goals. If we don’t overcome fear, it can hinder our success.

“Success has a lot of different meanings for me. Practically speaking it means accomplishing the measurable goal you set out for. Big picture, success to me looks like being at peace and content with the life that I’m living, how I’m living it and who I’m living it with.” Melody shares.

Now that Melody’s business is up and running, she also has some word of advice for fellow entrepreneurs who are trying to start their business. 

“The biggest advice I would give to someone trying to start their own business and brand would be to have an extremely clear vision of what you want to produce and more importantly WHY you want to start this business. I would also encourage you to stay true and authentic to who you are.” Melody advises.

At the moment, Melody is in the process of launching a blog that she hopes will provide added value to and be a resource for people who are looking to learn more about fitness, health, beauty, and even fashion.

During COVID-19 times, Melody has also been keeping up with social media, in order to stay in touch not only with her clients but also with her followers. Through TikTok and Instagram, she has made sure to upload content and tell her story.

“The power of overcoming is very important for everyone. As I’ve recently been more open about my story and upbringing I’ve realized how important it is, to be honest about what we’ve gone through and where we are because it gives others the belief that they can overcome too.” Melody shares.

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