Michael Dennis Murphy on How he Found Motivation to Start his Business

 Michael Dennis Murphy on How he Found Motivation to Start his Business

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Michael Dennis Murphy is the CEO of Murphy Auto Group, an entrepreneur and social media influencer.   Many might assume Michael is an overnight success, however it is his years of experience in the automotive industry, passion for what he does, and his commitment to providing exceptional service that makes him successful. 


The root of his motivation began with his father, Dennis Murphy.  At a young age, Michael learned the value of hard work by starting out washing cars at his dad’s dealerships. Eventually, Michael learned every position within the dealership, as well as the importance of policies and procedures.  He used his knowledge and passion for the industry to grow Murphy Auto Group into 5 car dealerships.  In addition to the dealerships, Michael has a management company, an advertising agency, warranty and real estate companies. 


Although profitability and the ability to provide for his family motivates Michael professionally, he receives more reward by providing employees opportunities to exceed their personal expectations.  Michael is a coach and mentor reaching thousands of people every day through his social media influence.


Michael Murphy faced challenges while starting his own business such as going from an employee-based mindset to an employer mindset. It is difficult for many entrepreneurs to give up the comforts of a 9-5 job to jump into the unknown world of entrepreneurship which is why it is so important to believe in yourself and your goals. 


Michael describes what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur as the ability to achieve great things, help other people, and provide the best service possible with integrity. Through his many years in the automotive world, he has established himself in the industry with credibility and respect.

As for what is next for Michael Dennis Murphy, he is expanding his portfolio to include an advertising agency and credit card service companies. To learn more information and follow along with Michael Murphy, click here.