Mohamad AL-Sheikh’s meteoric rise in the Arabian horse breeding world

 Mohamad AL-Sheikh’s meteoric rise in the Arabian horse breeding world

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Achieving success in most fields takes time and a lot of effort, even when its supported by some luck. Mohammad Sheikh Suliman is no stranger to hard work, however, the pace at which he gained international recognition and multiple championship wins in the Arabian horses breeding world has surely surprised even himself.

After beginning his first business while still in school and gaining his first degree in 2005, Suliman was certainly considered a prodigious talent among his peers. That interest in business remained with him once he left school and began investing in ventures he considered promising. With some success under his belt, Suliman also continued on as an entrepreneur and gained further confidence from his own personal achievements.

Arabian horse breeding

Having proven his head for business was no fluke, Suliman began to feel that making a business out of his passion for Arabian horse breeding would be a possible next step. He made that thought reality and in 2016 created the Al Sheikh Stud.

Once again following the steps to success he had learnt in business, Suliman ensured he chose the right people and horses for his new venture. Horse trainer Raphael Curti came onboard and soon the pair began selecting horses for their new stable.

It wasn’t long before the Suliman, Curti combination gained its first success. In 2017, just one year after the Stud was created, Seranza, one of the stud’s fillies, won silver in the yearling  filly class at the 2017 Paris Arabian Horse World Championship.

That impressive start was only the beginning in a whirlwind of events and gold and silver trophies for the growing stable of truly breathtaking Arabian horses.

From zero to world champion

With a wealth of experience and success among the equine world of Arabians, it was a tall order for Mohammad Sheikh Suliman to continue his initial success, let alone build upon it. But, in a matter of months, other horses from his Stud gained recognition for being wonderful examples of their breed.

Gorgeous to behold while at a standstill and on the move, Seranza’s first silver trophy was followed by more from her and her stable mates; Equator, Algamra and new additions Aquafor and Royal Lavita Bella all showed their worth and secured bronze, silver and gold trophies at Arabian horse championships around the world.

These achievements mean Suliman and his Al Sheikh Stud are among the top Arabian horse breeders, recognized for the grace and beauty of their glorious horses. To achieve that in just three short years is no mean feat and thanks to well-populated Instagram feeds of the beautiful horses from the Al Sheikh Stud, over 15,000 followers regularly enjoy images of these champion Arabians.