One of the world’s most accomplished 21 year old, an investor, partner, and advisor to multi-million & billion dollar companies, and upcoming billionaire Royston G King set to revolutionise the world and create a heaven on earth

 One of the world’s most accomplished 21 year old, an investor, partner, and advisor to multi-million & billion dollar companies, and upcoming billionaire Royston G King set to revolutionise the world and create a heaven on earth

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One of the world’s most accomplished 21 years old, an investor, partner, and advisor to multi-million & billion-dollar companies, and upcoming billionaire Royston G King set to revolutionize the world and create a heaven on earth.

Royston is a strong believer in using business as a powerful vehicle for positive change and a force of good. So here are 4 elements from Royston to help scale your business to impact more lives.

Firstly, you have the product. The product is by far the most important element that will make or break your business, and whether it will be a wildly successful one or a mediocre one where there is no differentiation with your competitors. Whatever it is you are selling, you must ensure your product is far superior in terms of being better, faster, cheaper, etc. with multiple unique value propositions that cannot be easily replicable with a substitute. Your product serves as the most important foundation for everything else in your business, even with all the best sales and marketing in the world, if you have a not superior enough product, you will not be able to outlast the competitive business space and might receive refunds/chargebacks.

Secondly, you have the sales process, which is your website/funnel which acts as the conversion mechanism to educate, nurture and convert strangers on it to want to buy your product. Your website/sales funnel must have an easy navigational flow, not be confusing, and the perceived value on it must far outweigh the cost of your product.

Thirdly, you have the offer, which is where you can get creative on it. Two businesses might sell the same product but one can be far more profitable and successful as they might have different unique offers. Examples are selling in bundles, cross-sells, up-sells, free add ons like a challenge video series or a free ebook, free shipping and returns, money-back guarantee, etc. The goal is to create a godfather offer where your prospects cannot resist buying from you, but of course, your product must live up to it.

Lastly, we have the traffic source. Depending on what you sell, facebook/instagram has been the staple for most businesses we help scale such as eCommerce brands as it has the most number of active users on it today on planet earth. It gives you advertising ability that almost no other platform on earth allows, where you can put out a wide variety of creatives and ad copy to convert sales, and most importantly you can laser target your ideal customers on facebook/instagram through facebook’s data algorithms.

Who is Royston G King, and why should you even listen to a word of advice he got to say

 Royston G King is a self-made investor, partner, & advisor to multiple million-dollar & billion-dollar public & private ventures. He is a world-renowned celebrity, philanthropist, and revolutionist changing the world to create a heaven on earth. He is also considered one of the most accomplished individuals & entrepreneurs by age 21. And also the world’s first & #1 curator of Good Purpose Brands.

Royston G King is an upcoming billionaire by changing impacting a billion people’s lives, reformer, contrarian, titan, icon, servant of God and humanity, genius, GOAT, philosopher, philanthropist, etc. to name a few.

By age 21, was already an investor, partner & advisor to multiple multi-million dollar companies and owned multiple multi-million private & public ventures. All with zero outside funding, zero co-founders/co-owners/co-investors, 100% bootstrapped starting with close to $0 zero dollars in the bank account.

By age 21, built companies himself employing dozens and dozens of full-time employees. And one of his team in Master Scaling, even managed paid advertising directly for a billion-dollar company. Despite being a complete foreigner himself, Royston G King managed to hire & manage full-time employees in the USA as well as over the world in the first year of business.

By age 21, started and sold multiple companies and now owns multiple public & private ventures like Master Scaling, Good Purpose Life, Good Purpose Universe, God Like Scaling & Mastermind, Good Purpose Brands, Trillion Dollar Growth, etc. Ventures in multiple industries like eCommerce, digital agencies, medical, home improvement, software, real estate, private equity, investment funds, etc. Royston G King is on his way & journey to building a billion-dollar empire & positively impacting a billion people’s lives

By age 21, made a pioneering category for himself and is the world’s first & #1 curator for “Good Purpose Brands”, brands that are truly making a positive impact and change in this world. Royston G King is also the pioneer of the Good Purpose Life, revolutionizing the world with a new way of life to establish a heaven on earth.

By age 21, fully & directly owned multiple social media accounts with more than 1 million followers primarily through instagram.

By age 21, got featured in world-renowned publications like Forbes, New York Times, MSNBC, Thrive Global, Fox News, CBS, ABC, NBC, IMDB, Yahoo, USA Today, Morningstar, Marketwatch, Benzinga, Digital Journal, Daily Herald, etc. then shortly less than a year after that interviewed on television and got featured in even more major top publications like Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fortune, Bloomberg, International Business Times, Buzzfeed, Today Show, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, etc.

By age 21, shared the room and pictures with billionaires, celebrities, and CEO of multi-million & billion-dollar companies like Tim Cook, John Paul Dejoria, Janice Bryant Howroyd, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tai Lopez, Alex Mehr, Robert Cialdini, Jonathan Neman, Nathaniel Ru, Scott Painter, Charlie Rocket, Joshua Earps, etc.

By age 21, got endorsements from world-renowned celebrities like Kevin O Leary, Grant Cardone, etc., and even exchanged messages directly with world-renowned celebrities like Steve Wozniak, etc.

By age 21, started a charity foundation fund, Good Purpose Foundation, where he personally donated more than multiple 5 figures the first year

By age 21, became an award-winning entrepreneur with his award-winning company.

And the accomplishments list keep going on that you can learn more about him on his website: