Patrick Ambron – How Important is Your Image and Reputation Online?

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If you are thinking about starting a new business then you have to realize how important your company’s online reputation is. It is equally, if not even more important than your marketing strategies. Yes, you have to advertise your products or services, but if your customers don’t perceive you as trustworthy, then it is all in vain. What’s more, you will not be able to get the best employees and partners to help you develop your business.

According to Patrick Ambron, the founder and CEO of, when people google you, customers or people who are looking for work, you can fall into two categories – the negative and irrelevant category. You can fall into the former one even if you did nothing wrong. When someone posts anything online, it becomes available to millions in a matter of minutes. You may have a competitor who plays dirty and publishes negative things about you, or maybe there is an old employee or a partner who wants to trash your company. Either way, this data will be available to many people. There is nothing you can do to prove that they are false.

On the other hand, you can be included in the latter category, which isn’t necessarily bad, but people are still going to pass you up. When somebody searches you online, you have to impress them and that means that they should find information about the business or awards you have won not some irrelevant ones that don’t describe your business.

This is a problem numerous entrepreneurs are faced with, so Patrick has founded a company that can help you. They use multiple tools to identify your online presence, find what has to be changed and create content that illustrates your company in the best possible light. What does this include?

First of all, they assist you in building brand awareness. Unfortunately, often it doesn’t matter how experienced or good you are in your line of business, no company will want to work with you if they cannot find you online. Nowadays, everyone is present on the Internet so if you cannot be found, people are going to assume that your company is bogus. Build Yourself will create an online presence for your company that will not only impress others but also helps you attract new allies and customers.

Secondly, they will improve the visibility of your website. A lot of entrepreneurs are not happy with the fact that the website is not on the first page of Google search, or even worse, that some negative posts pop up. Once you have content that you want to present online, the next step is to improve the SEO and ensure that your website appears before the competitors when people search for your services or products.

Furthermore, in order to build and maintain the reputation, it is necessary to go over every post you have ever made, on every social media platform. One bad comment or message can have a harmful effect on your online presence which is why Patrick’s company identifies everything that you might want to rephrase or even delete.

Finally, you are probably aware of the dangers when it comes to the privacy of your data. Sadly, hackers can target anyone, and if you run a successful company you are at a larger risk. Not only do you have to protect your data, but also the personal information of your clients. If you get hacked, and the customers get harmed in any way, you will for sure, lose their trust, and they are going to find someone else to collaborate with.

Build Yourself was named New York’s #1 Emerging Technology Business, and they have teamed up with nearly one million customers. These facts speak greatly about their experience and success.