Pauly Long’s keys to success and advice for those trying to start their own

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Pauly Long’s three keys to success are mindset, credit and personal brand. When being asked what his advice is for those trying to start their own business and brand Pauly replied with “Getting your mindset right is the foundation to everlasting success. Success only goes so far with a weak mind. Eventually your foundation will crack and then everything comes crashing down if you don’t build it strong from the start. So begin by doing as much personal development as possible.”


In regards to credit, Pauly explains it as the secret forbidden subject that school never taught us and our parents told us was bad. Credit changed Pauly’s life. Without a good credit score, he would not have been able to live the life he has lived for the last 6-12 months. “It is so crucial, when starting your business, to have the ability to leverage credit. For me, I barely had any money or income when I first got into entrepreneurship. But I wanted to invest in myself with books, courses, and programs that I knew would teach me new success habits and ways of thinking.” Pauly had high hopes of travelling and wanted to be able to go to networking events to meet new like-minded people. 


Pauly started his journey with credit by applying for two credit cards that both had 0% APR for 12-15 months. This meant that the banks of each card gave him a limit to spend without having to pay back the full amount each month, also not while not paying any interest during that grace period. This gave Pauly a year or more to invest in himself and his business, cover all the start-up costs, become profitable, and pay it back in time before any interest kicked in. 


Pauly says “Your personal brand is your modern-day resumè. Having an established personal brand will open SO many doors for you. Back in May 2019, months before I jumped into entrepreneurship, I began posting quality pictures of myself on my Instagram. I wrote motivational captions with them, and did that about twice a week.” This led to Pauly Long eventually building up a great profile for himself which led to connecting with other people similar to himself and becoming an affiliate for other businesses. Now, Pauly’s personal brand has over 200k followers, tons of travel content, value-based mindset/motivational content, and a great aesthetic look to it. “So now that I own my own business, many people are attracted to it because of the overall image. Your personal brand is your business card, so make it look nice.” Pauly working so hard on his personal brand is what built trust with all potential customers. 


Three mindset virtues Pauly Long recommends to have when starting your own business are gratitude, humility, and patience. “Having gratitude towards everything that comes your way is extremely beneficial. Check your perspective every day by expressing your gratitude to the Universe for bringing everything into your life that it has. By being grateful for everything that has ever happened in your life, good and bad, you’re opening yourself up to the Universe and allowing yourself to always be available to receive more blessings.” Pauly’s best advice for people on the same path of starting a business is to be grateful for everything that you can and understand that things happen for you and not to you. Pauly Long believes that being humble in every situation possible will change the game. The last key factor in mindset virtues is patience. Building a business takes time and just when you reach a long-awaited milestone, a new one will come up that requires more patience. 

Pauly shares his advice for those trying to start their own brand from two different perspectives. He can give advice as a mindset coach but also as an entrepreneur who has been through the exact same thing many are going through. To follow along with Pauly Long’s journey, click here.

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