Pranav Arora: His Success as an Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

 Pranav Arora: His Success as an Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

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Pranav Arora is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist who has been making his way into the spotlight with his work. The experience and skill set Pranav has that have resulted in his great successes do most of the talking for him.

Learn more about Pranav and the story of his quiet success that greatly impacts the public today.

Who Is Pranav Arora As An Entrepreneur?

“Never let age, race, or anything else be a limitation to claiming your success.” 

At 16, Indian-American Pranav Arora made a name for himself by starting his own company and transforming it into a million-dollar business. A testament to the quotation above.

Now at 27 years old, and still very young, he has several different businesses and achievements under his belt. From consumer goods to retail, real estate, management, and more, Pranav has made his mark in all of these industries.

Pranav Arora As a Successful Venture Capitalist

Pranav has been mentoring and guiding start-ups for quite some time now, helping them grow and find success in their industries. As a respectable venture capitalist, he has the knowledge and experience to help business leaders achieve their goals.

Although known to be this generation’s youngest investor and venture capitalist, Pranav’s experience and portfolio do not need to prove so much to spectators. His success now gives him significant credibility. 

Pranav Arora and His Mission to Help

As a philanthropist, Pranav has actively funded and supported a number of organizations and foundations that help those in need. Just recently, he donated 20,000 USD to his former high school.

Pranav Arora is a member of the Just Funky Foundation, which helps those in need in his hometown of Ohio. This foundation has developed programs for underprivileged children that help children receive a good education to pursue their dreams.

Pranav Arora: All up in His Businesses

These days, Pranav Arora has been busy handling multiple businesses and ensuring that they achieve whatever they need to in order to succeed. Being “all up in his business” literally is his goal, and his success says it all.

Here are some of the companies he owns and is a part of that have been making headlines in the world of entrepreneurship and business:

JMTD Holdings, CEO 

JMTD Holdings is a boutique private equity fund that allows shareholders long-term investment returns. Thanks to JMTD Holdings, entrepreneurs get the opportunity to turn their dreams into a reality. 

They invest in a company’s Intellectual property portfolio that generates royalties through patents and trademarks. They also help manufacturing companies, wealth management, and consumer goods as well. 

Just Funky, Head Of Division

Just Funky is a manufacturer of beverage ware, novelty, décor, etc., for the retail market. The goal of Just Funky is to create the most innovative products with unmatched quality. 

They sell designs to more than 30,000 stores, and their designs have been used for video games, musicians, TV shows, cartoons, anime, and movies such as Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Pokemon, and more. 

Stunned Mind, Partner

A largely known e-commerce platform licensed to retail private label pop-culture merchandise, Stunned Mind services everything famous in pop culture like games, tv-series, and movies. 

This platform provides die-hard fans access to collectibles and items that are sure to be enjoyed by all the true fans of the pop-culture franchise.

Decipher-AR, President

Augmented reality is best for video, but gaming is part of Pranav Arora’s accomplishments. This newly developed app allows brands to turn characters loved by many into a reality using virtual or augmented reality.

The Licensing Expo in Vegas has allowed Deciph-AR to be enjoyed by fellow business investors and fans worldwide.

NFT-Merch, Founder

NFT-Merch is part of the metaverse and allows companies to have immersive experiences for their physical products that their clientele get to enjoy. This innovative company bridges the physical and digital space gap with computer vision. 

Pranav Arora and His Recognitions and Awards

Because he is a successful entrepreneur under 30-years-old, Pranav has been deemed by the internet as the “Young Warren Buffett” as part of “Forbes’ top 20 Influential Young Entrepreneurs.”

His company, Just Funky, was named one of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” by Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2019 Entrepreneur360 list. A very well-deserved recognition for Pranav.

Pranav Arora Away From the Spotlight of Success

Pranav was born in Wooster, Ohio, and raised by an Indian father and mother who exposed him to their own business as he grew older. He went to college only later to drop out so he could focus on their business venture with even more conviction and energy.

As it grew under his guidance, he sold the company and pursued other businesses we now see and know under his name. He loves traveling with his family and wife when taking a break from all the success. 

“There Is Only Winning and Learning In the World of Successful Entrepreneurship.”


Pranav Arora has been through many trials and setbacks but has learned to come back stronger each time. His mission is to share what he knows with fellow entrepreneurs trying to find their own success in their respective industries. Through his mentoring and guidance, he is helping the business world create a positive impact on those who are just starting out and trying to make their own name for themselves.