Q&A with Stefan Katanic – How Veza Digital Successfully Does White-label Marketing For Agencies

 Q&A with Stefan Katanic – How Veza Digital Successfully Does White-label Marketing For Agencies

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Q&A with Stefan Katanic – How Veza Digital Successfully Does White-label Marketing For Agencies

With over 100+ agencies being white-labeled, the question is “how?” Hear from CEO & Founder of white-label marketing agency Veza Digital, Stefan Katanic, as he explains how it all works. 

Veza Digital is a Marketing Agency that specializes in white-labeling for other marketing agencies. The agency was founded by Stefan Katanic and has grown to over 40+ team members working remotely as digital nomads. 

1. What is white-label marketing, and why do agencies need it?

Stefan Katanic: White-label marketing is a term for the process of an agency taking over another agency’s marketing services and rebranding it under their brand. The reason agencies need to do this is that they are usually overloaded with work and want to continue bringing new money in or really just don’t have the resources to get started.

Veza Digital takes over the back-end delivery with our people, processes, and delivery systems; we deliver a marketing service under our agency partner’s brand. 


2. How does Veza Digital helps agencies with their marketing needs?

Stefan Katanic: Normally, we work on the agency’s backend delivery, but from time to time, some of our partners ask us to do their digital marketing or sometimes web re-design. We’ll gladly do it and treat them like a 5-star client.


3. The benefits of working with an agency that specializes in white-label marketing

  • You get an entire team backing up your brand when they work on it, contrary to small agencies who will inevitably employ multiple clients at one time, which can diminish their attention

  • Less employee turnover thanks to the happy workplace culture fostered by Veza Digital

  • The cost savings and efficiency from working with an agency that has a dedicated focus will allow you to invest more into your client relationships

  • We buy agency owners the time to not worry about hiring, processes, and delivering high-quality work – we handle the entire back-end


4. Why is Veza Digital the perfect partner for Agencies looking for white label services? 

Stefan Katanic: We’re the perfect partner for agencies who want to scale because we’ve been there, and I like to believe that we’ll continue to scale for as long as we’re around. Iron sharpens iron, and those are the types of agencies we like to work with.


5.  An example of a success story from one of our clients, who had been struggling to create a service delivery presence before partnering with Veza Digital

Stefan Katanic: Claire, an agency owner from LA, was at her wit’s end. She had tried every possible avenue to create a service delivery presence for her agency, but she couldn’t make it happen. She was trying to hire freelancers, who frankly didn’t care as much about her clients as she did. There were many other demands on her time and resources, so it wasn’t something that she could do. And then she found Veza Digital, and everything changed! The entire onboarding and delivery process from start to finish took less than two months; the turnaround time is super quick now! 


6. Our process – how we work together to help you meet your goals and exceed expectations

Stefan Katanic: Every agency has a different challenge they’re facing, which can include: revenue predictability, a framework for delivering marketing services, knowledge on the latest CMS such as Webflow.com, hitting revenue plateaus, and not sure how to fix it, and many more. Every partner we take on, we like to know full transparency of where they are today and where they would like to be 6, 12, and 18-months from now.