Helping His Parents And The People Around Him: Shabaz Ahmed Knew He Needed To Find A Way To Make A Better Income, So He Found Ecommerce

 Helping His Parents And The People Around Him: Shabaz Ahmed Knew He Needed To Find A Way To Make A Better Income, So He Found Ecommerce

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Shabaz Ahmed had a difficult start to life. His life was average and filled with financial struggle. He struggled in school and failed out of numerous opportunities that he had. He was told time and time again that he would never be successful. This was a hard reality of him to overcome.

“I came from an average background living off government benefits to get by in life. I failed in school and dropped out of 3 different colleges. I came across home based business at the age of 21 and decided to take it with both of my hands. I didn’t have much success in the start but by staying consistent my business has become a success. All my life I’ve been told I will never become successful or get a good job.” Shabaz recounts.

Shabaz knew he wanted to do more. He wanted to help out his parents who were constantly exhausted from having to work so much to make ends meet. That is when he discovered the world of home based ecommerce. He learned that he could make a passive income and help others do the same so that they could live better lives.

“My main motivation at the age of 21 was to just retire my parents because they were struggling and were going through depression. This was my driving force to make sure my parents get the best life because they deserve it. I run a home based ecommerce business, I teach people how to build a business on the side.” explains Shabaz.

Now, Shabaz is making millions of dollars and helping others achieve their own millions. What makes him so successful is that he is always thinking of others and doing more so that he can help the people in his life and his fellow ecommerce learners.

“Most people who try to do what I do fail because they come in with the wrong intention. Most people are just thinking about themselves and soon as you have that thought about yourself only you have already failed. The reason why I am where I am today is because I put people over my own profits. My parents taught me the more value I give to the world the more I will get back in life. You have to give first before you get. Your income is based on how much value you’ve created in the marketplace. If you haven’t made any money in your business most likely you haven’t created any value. If you have made a lot of money most likely you’ve created a lot of value in the marketplace.” states Shabaz.

Shabaz worked incredibly hard to get where he is and had to overcome numerous obstacles to get to this level of success and financial freedom. Now, he has time to enjoy his life. He is hoping, in the coming year, to grow his business and get more people involved.

I have over 5000 members in my organization and my goal is to triple those numbers and help as many people grow mentally, spiritually and financially. Having money and time combined is everything for me. Imagine spending a few years building a business and now wherever you’re travelling to, you’re getting paid at the same time. The best feeling is waking up and not worrying about money and you just get on with your day.” Shabaz comments.

His advice for those trying to create the same level of success: don’t try and learn everything about the business, but just go for it!

“Don’t try to learn everything and then start the business, most people who have that mindset don’t end up starting the business at all. Start your business and learn as you go, find mentors from the industry you’re a part of and learn from their mistakes. There are so many success stories in all industries, you have to find those mentors and become coachable and teachable.” advises Shabaz.

To find out more about Shabaz, you can follow him on Instagram @shabazfx.