Social Media Marketing: Increased Value in 2020

 Social Media Marketing: Increased Value in 2020

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For burgeoning modeling and acting talents, exposure is one of the key aspects to making it more likely that you’ll be hired for the job. By managing your reputation the right way, you can have something similar to a digital portfolio for potential recruiters to see.

However, brands of all kinds can benefit from a strong social media presence, and this marketing has become even more important as people quarantine and conduct more online research and shopping.   

Read on to learn all about the value of social media marketing for 2020. I’ll also include my tips for how new talent and brands can utilize social media to get their name out there! 

What is Social Media Marketing? 

It first helps to know what constitutes social media marketing. Although you may think you have to spend a large amount of money in order to be successful, I believe a good strategy doesn’t necessarily include a high budget.

Social media marketing is the act of producing and posting content on social media in order to drive traffic to your website, build your audience and authority, or increase sales. It’s important that a brand produces quality content based on a specific goal as well as their target audience.

Quality content is content that’s informative, educational, entertaining, and relevant to your audience. For instance, if you’re a model that’s posting portfolio-worthy content, show your range by including multiple photos or a video of the process. You can also utilise the caption area to talk about your experience and methodology as a model.  

The Value of Social Media Marketing Today 

I’ve found that social media marketing is becoming nearly synonymous with digital marketing. It’s an important aspect of a brand’s digital marketing campaign regardless of the industry or audience. The only thing that does change is the content you produce, the platforms you use and the way you distribute that content. 

According to Hootsuite, the number of people using the Internet around the world has grown by seven percent. Internet users also spend an average of 100 days online each year. Even more remarkable, 89% of Internet users aged 16 to 64 are using social media apps each month. Here are a few more statistics that showcase the value of social media marketing: 


·         Average daily time spent using social media apps worldwide is two hours and 24 minutes

·         Facebook followed by YouTube are the most-used social platforms

·         Facebook followed by Instagram and TikTok are the social media platforms with the most active users

·         Users spend 50.1% of their daily Internet time using mobile devices 


The pandemic of 2020 makes these statistics even more profound. People are making even more purchasing decisions based on the content they see and interact with. They also want to form relationships with brands that can give them a reprieve from the outside world. 

Staring Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

If you’re an actor, model, or entrepreneur, the best way to start a new social media marketing campaign is to identify the audience you want to reach. For instance, if you’re a model that wants to do work for major brands, you want to keep your content polished and mimic the photographic style that those companies are using.

You’ll also want to start with only one social media platform to become an expert at it before branching off into multiple platforms. Consider your target audience and the social media platforms they’re most likely to use. Here is a brief run-down on some of the most popular platforms and how you can utilise them: 


Instagram is all about creating a beautiful grid of photos and videos that are visually cohesive. You want to use the same editing techniques on each one for a more eye-catching and professional look.

Instagram is one of the most versatile platforms. Along with professional content, you can also post behind-the-scenes Stories or fun Reels to build relationships with your audience. 


It’s hard now to gain any traction on a Facebook Business profile without paying for it. Instead, brands and entrepreneurs are creating Groups based on their brand. These communities allow you to share free information that provides immense value.

You can also foster discussions, build relationships, and advertize your services or goods to loyal followers. 


Twitter is all about mastering the art of short-form content. In 280 characters, you can stay at the top of people’s minds by announcing new products or services. You can also comment on recent events and Retweeting Tweets that are important to you. This is also a great place to redirect people to long-form content on your website. 

Getting the Exposure You Need 

Social media marketing is an important aspect of any brand’s digital marketing campaign. This rings true especially now more than ever before as people quarantine. By being consistent in the content you produce, you’ll be able to increase sales, drive traffic to your website, and build lasting relationships with your audience. However, you need to make sure that the content you’re producing is relevant, entertaining, and informative. 

In order to get started, focus on your most immediate goal for your career. Then, consider the specific people you want to be interacting with on your social media profiles. Then, use the platforms where you can find them and produce content that can draw their eye. 

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