Startup Founder Nick Jordan On Why Social Media Impacts The Growth Of His Company

 Startup Founder Nick Jordan On Why Social Media Impacts The Growth Of His Company

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An entrepreneur’s job, when shown in movies and TV shows, usually doesn’t include them sitting over their computer for hours responding to comments on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The media representation of entrepreneurs includes a lot of angry phone calls, fights with co-founders, brilliant eureka moments, and countless hours spent negotiating the next big deal.

However, the reality is much, much different than the fantasy. Entrepreneurs and founders today need to spend at least half their time on social media, says Nick Jordan, the founder and CEO of Workello. We sat down with Nick to find out just how he is leveraging the power of social media to drive sales and clicks to his website, grow his startup, and change the game for the companies he is servicing. 

Nick Jordan is an entrepreneur and founder of Workello, a new startup that helps ambitious startups hire remote roles. With a background in SEO, Nick drove 4 projects from 0 to 100k organic visitors/month, with the biggest one generating 1.5m. Now he helps others get the same results

City where you’re from: Seattle

Favorite quote: Careers are measured in decades, not months or years

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Tell us about your beginnings. How did you enter the startup world?

Nick Jordan: I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Over 15 years ago I started building startups right out of college when I dropped out. My first ever startup was an app that helps people find a perfect outfit by posting their pictures on the app and getting feedback from other users. Obviously, it failed, because back in that time, smartphones weren’t really a thing, and phone cameras were not what they are today. 

After that, I tried a few more times, and failed every time. Then I realized that I’m trying to build a company from the ground up without really having much employee experience. So, I joined a new startup as employee #8, and over the next couple of years helped grow it to 200 employees. 

This experience allowed me to learn the skills I needed to start my own company one day, and not repeat the same mistakes my former bosses did when they were running their team.

You founded Workello recently. Can you tell us more about your new company and what it does?

Nick Jordan: Before Workello I started a content marketing agency and drove 4 projects from 0 to 100k organics/month. And I realized something. We’ve been there. Our clients are on a mission to grow their business, but in order to do that, they need quality content—but they don’t have the time to recruit, interview, and hire writers. We were also on a mission to grow our businesses and were struggling with finding writers we could trust to write solid content. So we decided to do something about it: we created Workello. Workello is the world’s only tool for hiring writers on auto-pilot and I believe it will be a game-changer for the content marketing industry.

How do you leverage social media to grow your business?

Nick Jordan: I’ve always been active on social media, but never realized how much impact it can have on the actual business I’m running. I was talking to a friend who mentioned that they got three clients just from posting regularly on LinkedIn so I told myself, okay, let’s try this for a month. If it doesn’t work — no harm done. If it does, well, it will change the game!

And it did work! Not only did I manage to close deals and find new clients and customers, I also met a lot of amazing people, some of who are my mentors now, and some whom I mentor. Social has allowed me to grow my network and get opportunities I never would have imagined.

What was your social media strategy?

Nick Jordan: I started posting little snippets of things I learned while working on LinkedIn and Facebook. We call this “Building in public” because we show our audience exactly what we did that worked, what failed, how we got to where we are today, and our journey to where we are going. 

My only goal was to be honest, share my journey, and make some friends along the way, but it turned into so much more. I started a Facebook community that now counts over four thousand members, and it’s a fantastic place where people can ask questions freely, get constructive answers, and learn from each other. My main strategy is to provide value to my audience, and while doing that I am building trust, rapport, and getting a lot of value back when people comment on my posts, share their opinions, and forward my writings to friends or colleagues.

Where are you planning to take your social media strategy in the next year?

Nick Jordan: I’m going big on YouTube. It’s the next step for me and my team, and we’re working on spinning up our video production efforts. I believe it will be our next big channel that we can leverage and reach even more people and provide even more value. We want to teach our community how to build big, successful content teams, promote Workello, and make information public.