Stephen Scoggins’ Upcoming Book Leading Inspiration

 Stephen Scoggins’ Upcoming Book Leading Inspiration

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From sleeping in a friend’s car to constructing multimillion-dollar businesses, Stephen Scoggins is a spokesperson to individuals seeking entry to the entrepreneurial world. Facing obstacles including homelessness from a young age led him to discover his passion of helping others that he fully incorporates throughout his businesses. Stephen Scoggins, founder of The Journey Principles Institute is most famously known for being a best-selling author, award-winning entrepreneur of multiple businesses with multi-8-figure revenues, a motivational speaker, and the creator of the proprietary Life-Mastery Framework affectionately named, “Transform U.” 


Stephen Scoggins’ upcoming book, From Stuck to Unstoppable, focuses on empowering people to chase their dreams to essentially live the meaningful life they desire. Stephen continues to challenge and uplift people to break down the obstacles holding them back to reach their version of success. Stephen has taken over decades of failures, errors, and setbacks and transparently incorporates those experiences to provide simple-yet-effective step-by-step lessons to help others reclaim their hope and proceed with their dreams. To be known for the lives he had uplifted to evoke positive change within their everyday lives would be Stephen’s version of success. His heart is to create a legacy that outlives himself through bettering others through his businesses.


“What I would like to be known for is how many lives I can help to create positive changes within their lives. My heart is to create a legacy that outlives my existence by changing the lives of others for the better.” Stephen Scoggins has transformed his philanthropic beliefs into his work to empower those around him to look beyond themselves. Stephen’s mission revolves around the firm belief that everyone was created for a purpose and he guides those to discover what that is. One might have tried something in search of their true passion and failed, but he provides the steps to further progression through restructuring their focus towards success.


Stephen Scoggins’ life experiences and personal struggles have led him to the place he is at present. Stephen’s experience in life mastery and aspiring entrepreneurship has transformed the lives of people that felt stuck in their everyday lives. Through providing an inspirational framework based on his own experiences, clients are more inclined to relate and follow his teachings in search for their larger meaning among this world. 

Stephen’s story has been an uphill battle and many more stories like his are waiting to be written or are in the process of being walked out even now. The world is in need of hope, and Stephen would like to have the honor of having a voice in that conversation. Each and every human walking on the earth now wants to answer three major questions in life including who they are, (Significance), why they are here, (Purpose) and what do they do about it (Direction). Stephen Scoggins helps them discover the answers to all three questions to evoke progress and forward thinking in their lives.