Successful Entrepreneur Tiffaney Williams Shares Her Story

 Successful Entrepreneur Tiffaney Williams Shares Her Story

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Ms. Tiffaney Williams is a native from Detroit’s Eastside. Growing up as a young lady she had big dreams, goals and the desire to be so much more than her circumstances and environment. She has survived every test and trial thrown her way, including depression, anxiety, addiction and much more. Tiffaney has always been an overcomer and pushed through. 

“I fought depression and anxiety…. I survived that. I was raped…. I survived that. I attempted suicide…. I survived that! I was addicted to prescription drugs… I survived that. I was abused and the abuser… I survived that. What makes me unique? I don’t fit into this bubble that was created of how the world expects me to be. I am a natural leader, I set my own bar, I don’t allow anyone to set it for me. I’m not the look, style, or personality that people think my industry leaders are supposed to be. But yet I made it to the 5%er’s club.” Tiffaney explains.  

In her youth, Tiffaney struggled with dyslexia and was an average student. But this did not stop her from being a 3x published author with over a dozen e-books. Her life could have been defined by statistics, and things could have permanently gone down the drain, but she decided the life she had was not the life she wanted. For many people, they get trapped in the cycle of poverty and circumstance. Tiffaney was lucky enough to break that cycle. 

“I was a young girl from the Eastside of Detroit with big dreams, goals and drive to be more, see more and do more than where I came from. I am the voice of the voiceless. What I do goes beyond the services I offer. I am a mentor, coach, confidant, educator, friend, and financial strategist.” Tiffaney states. 

Ms. Tiffaney Williams runs multiple 6 figure financial and credit services firms. She provides services to people who do not know how to manage their credit and finances, who want to build their credit and businesses, and increase their knowledge and income. 

No one teaches you how to balance your checkbook, compound your money, build your business credit, or build the life you really desire. Exclusive Solutions is here to change that. Their mission is to repair, restore, rebuild, and educate.

We repair personal credit, incorporate businesses, build business credit, accounting services and financial counseling for small business owners. I teach individuals and business owners how to create wealth through the accumulation of assets and wealth building strategies.” Tiffaney states.

Tiffaney’s motivation was her family and the fact that in 2008, she had to declare bankruptcy due to not having any financial and credit education, which was a very hard experience. Many others experienced a tragic year due to the bursting of the housing bubble and subsequent collapse of the economy. Real estate, for obvious reasons, was a harder hit than most. 

My motivation was my family and I. I knew I needed to produce better and be better to help those around me and to build a legacy for my family. I didn’t come from a rich family, but I knew I wanted more than the average life had to offer me. In 2008 I had terrible credit, I filed for bankruptcy and my life came to a standstill. Everyone around me was just like me. They lacked financial knowledge and credit education, no one knew about assets other than work a job, obtain 401k and retire when you can. That didn’t sound good to me, I knew I couldn’t continue my life in those footsteps.” Tiffaney remarks.

To get out of the hole where she had fallen the only solution was to reevaluate and learn more. So that is what Tiffaney did. She began taking asset protection classes, credit education classes, credit law and so many others to better herself and make herself more valuable to the market and her target audience.

I took training courses to obtain certifications in many financial areas. I found mentors and coaches who were exactly where I wanted to to be. I learned economics, and the credit education systems of implementation to be not only successful but an expert in my area of expertise. I paid my way so I could pave the way, greatness costs. I received the tools I needed and executed with them so I could become the woman I am today.” Tiffaney comments.

After getting out of her credit and financial problems, she was able to help those closest to her. This way Ms. Tiffaney Williams was able to give back in a major way. She is continuing her quest to help others with a 12 year anniversary just passing. She believes if all you do is receive and not give, your successes’ lifespans will be temporary. It’s easy to get caught up in selfishness, but we must learn to be selfless. It is important to give back to the most vulnerable communities, which is a part of her mission.

My goal is to return to women’s prisons and juvenile facilities to educate, impact, and build them back up to love themselves and see their value and purpose in this world. I want to expand my non-profit organization ‘The Lions Ladies of Triumph.’ I am also building my credit business to give people an opportunity to own, operate, and create multiple income streams by being a subsidiary of Exclusive Solutions. I am launching my own Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Vault’ business development training program, where I will expand my training to assist more business owners to produce multiple six-figure incomes all over the US. I will be re-launching my personal memoir of my entire life.” Tiffaney exclaimed.

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