Suzanne Prince – The Woman Behind “The Identity Queen”

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Suzanne Prince is the founder and CEO of a company called “The Identity Queen”. Her ultimate goal and the goal of her company is to help women from all walks of life find out who they are, as well as to transform into the best versions of themselves. She pulls them out of the dark places, she teaches them how they can feel comfortable in their own skin, and she also teaches them that celebrating themselves is one of the best things they could do in their lives. So, what is Suzanne’s backstory? How did it all start?

The Beginning of The Identity Queen

When she was just 16-years old, she decided to move out of her family home and to start working for herself. She has hustled throughout her life, and at that time, her goal was to make money, survive, and provide. Everything changed when she had her first daughter when she was 17-years old and although it was a major responsibility for her, she accepted it all, and she has never looked back. Though she did struggle quite a lot financially, she did know that one day, she will manage to create her very own business that would see various successes.

Suzanne struggled with physical illness and chronic pain for several years, however, she has never allowed her condition to hold her back, even when she was unable to walk, she still pushed through. Every time she got on her feet again, she never allowed her condition to affect her way of life and positivity. She volunteered full-time as a counselor at a clinic for four years, however, after four years of working for free, coming close to losing her home, and her health deteriorating fast, Suzanne knew that she needed to make a drastic change – and she needed to do it fast. That is when she decided that self-employment is the way she should go and that is when The Identity Queen was born.

Suzanne stated that one of her greatest achievements in the world is how much success she had with women from all over the globe and to know that they now fully appreciate themselves and that they have a strong sense of identity is mind-blowing to her. She stated that she completely loved her job and that she feels grateful every day for the chance to impact and touch so many lives.

Suzanne has 11 qualifications including psychology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and counseling. She has spent 21 years of her life helping and supporting people, 16 years of coaching people, and 12 years as a healer. She has also supported over 500 men and women from 15 different countries by using a one-on-one coaching method, and she has taught over 130 students.


Suzanne’s ultimate goal is to support women and help them build their identity through coaching programs. She wants women to be who they truly are, without being dominated by others. She wants women to be the person that they never had a chance to be. Suzanne is currently working on creating mini online guides, which will serve as an inspiration to people to help them on their self-development journey.