Thatja Andrade Helps Women Build an Influential Personal Brand Online and Step Into Feminine Magnetism

 Thatja Andrade Helps Women Build an Influential Personal Brand Online and Step Into Feminine Magnetism

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Finding your place in life is not easy – let alone building a six-figure business from scratch with nothing but inner potential.

Yet, it’s possible to channel your inner self into your business and cause it to grow. That’s exactly what Thatja Andrade did. 

According to a study, 55% of business owners start their businesses because they want to be their own boss. They want to be in control of their lives. If you’re a female entrepreneur looking to take charge of your life, finances, and business, then meet Thatja Andrade. She’s been getting the media’s attention for all the exceptional results that she brings to her clients worldwide.

But there’s more to her than just being a powerful businesswoman, and that’s what we’re here to discover. 

Danny Barba: Where were you born? 

Thatja Andrade: Brazil — Rio De Janeiro, to be precise.

Barba: What’s your backstory, and what was your big calling?

Thatja Andrade: After several years of hustle in 9 to 5 jobs while building my own coaching business from the ground up, I felt burned out and miserable. So, I asked myself, “What do I need to do today if I knew I was to die tomorrow?” and the answer was: Go to the Amazon. Not many people know that. But the link that was missing in the way I do business, I learned from indigenous tribes. 

I learned my best leadership secrets from living with indigenous tribes in their home, the jungle. I realized how the world is fully connected, even when we are so different culturally and geographically. 

These native indigenous women are also going through a huge transition. They are stepping back into leadership roles that they once had, especially in spirituality. It completely shifted my perception of leadership when I saw the perfect harmony and respect among the men and the women. The way they work together to create a strong community where the foundation is love is just so inspiring. But the most amazing thing is how they divide tasks according to talent, skill, and experience, regardless of gender. 

They live life to the fullest — celebrating, singing, and praying — but with absolute mastery and dedication in everything they do. 

I’ve always been passionate about human development. After my first training, I fell in love with personal growth. But in the Amazon, I fell in love with people.

I founded The Magnetic Woman Academy and right after, the Magnetic Online Empire because I know how it feels to not have a community of people with the same passions and determination that I have. I don’t want to settle for less one more day in my life. I don’t want to do this alone.

For me, when I was struggling with my business for many years, I hated how I was living. I had a job I absolutely hated. The commute was awful, involving taking the train from uptown New York City all the way down to the Meatpacking District. To make matters worse, the train was always packed. If it was not snowing or raining outside the train station, the super cold New York cold breeze would be there to greet me.

I would do that every single day. Every morning, I would ask myself when this would end. I rarely had days off. The days dragged on, and I couldn’t wait to get home each day. But when I’d get home after work to my crappy shoebox apartment, I’d kick off my shoes at the front door and start crying. I would go into the bathroom, lock the doors, turn on the water, sit on the bathroom floor, and cry. All the while, I’d be worried that my roommate or neighbors would hear me crying.

That was my lowest of lows because I couldn’t figure out how to go about my business. I had no money. I felt like a failure. Everything I was trying to do as a side hustle was sucking all my energy. I was staying up all night yet making no money for years. It was really a low point for me, and everyone had lost faith in me. 

Even I had lost faith in me.

Everyone around me was telling me, “Stick to your job, you can’t do it, make sure you don’t ever leave.”

At this point, my body started to cause me pain, showing me that I had hit my rock bottom. 

That’s when a girlfriend invited me to this weekend of personal development. I said YES to her because I had no other choice. After this YES, my life was never the same.

One day, someone did something to help me — something that changed my life. It makes me happy when I can do the same for others. My passion is to show others that they have what it takes to create the life and the business that they love!

I am fully committed and dedicated to serving my community with nothing but the highest level of education and support. 

I do this because I understand that like me, they’re probably unclear about what to do next. My community is also passionate about serving others. But sometimes they don’t feel ready to start offering their services at a high level, where they get paid what they truly deserve. We help them close this gap from the start so they know their worth and impact more people. Fortunately, I understood this early as I began planning my escape while immersing myself in parallel training with the world’s best experts in personal development. 

When I started attending some top leaders’ exclusive events, I saw that they were actually just regular people who learned how to become extraordinary. By being around these mentors and communities, I started to remember my true power.

That’s when things started to change for me!

Slowly, I began to gain momentum, reaching six figures in 12 weeks. Finally, feeling super confident within myself, even though I still felt like something was missing, I had reached my next level.

That’s when I made a decision to follow my heart and embark on a journey to the Amazon rainforest and live with indigenous tribes for the next months.

When I returned, my true potential for success was unlocked! I had faced my fears and learned my biggest lessons

I am not afraid to say, “Trust yourself!” No matter what your dreams or obstacles are. You have the power to change your life, and by doing so, you’ll change the world.

Today, I help women step into magnetic feminine leadership and build their online empires doing what they truly love.

We are growing a VIP community of the most ambitious, confident, successful, and magnetic women. I have helped them completely turn their lives around — and we will soon start another round to change more lives.

I am also proud to teach alongside my top mentors at the Magnetic Woman Academy, the Magnetic Online Empire, and around the world. For years, I saw this missing gap between the seminars and training that I attended. Our courses and training build you up from your inner core to your outermost being. The aim is to help you evolve in all areas of your life and never again settle for anything less than your fullest potential.

Barba: What was your spark, where did it come from, and what motivates you every day?

Thatja Andrade: My motivation is helping build top female leaders. We merge business with feminine traits. We encourage women to connect with their magnetic inner power and harness this natural talent in every area of their lives so they can build a legacy and meaningful relationships.

She simply emanates. She radiates. She magnetizes. Can the vibe of the new feminine leader magnetize instead of dominate? Attract instead of seek? Receive instead of take? This can feel challenging at times, as our whole society is based on the masculine way of doing business. We are taught to act like men if we want to be respected, to achieve, and to succeed. 

But this is not true. This is one of the biggest lies that society tells us. We have believed it for so long. But now, my mission is to demystify this lie and empower women to restore relationships and build scalable businesses that they love and can be proud of — in the feminine way, not the old way. The feminine way is so much more powerful and easy.

I believe this to be the ultimate desire of The Magnetic Woman. I empower and guide female entrepreneurs to embody their feminine essence and be wildly successful by turning their superpower into profit and impact.

When it comes to building an online empire that stands out, Thatja believes in an unconventional approach to business that she uses in tandem with traditional business principles. Here’s her advice.

Develop a “Full-stack” Consciousness

Most courses teach a specific skill, like relationships or business. This approach creates disconnected women who don’t understand their whole being. As a result, they don’t see the big picture of life, let alone business.

To succeed in life, love, and business, you need to learn the “full-stack” of three interconnected layers of consciousness that are built on top of each other.

  1. Mental Awareness

Mental awareness deals with gaining an intimate understanding of who you are and what you’re capable of. It involves:

  • Rewiring your brain to understand your true potential so you can live up to it.

  • Creating your magnetic vision.

  • Transforming and healing your hidden mental programming.

  • Having emotional leadership and quantum healing.

Mastering this level of consciousness will help you see the world in a different light. You’ll see opportunities that others miss. It will also help you unlock your potential to live your ultimate purpose in this life! 

2. Body Blissciplines

Blisscipline is a compound of two words: bliss and discipline. Body blisscipline, therefore, is the ability to find deep joy in integrating awareness consistently to practices with your body. This includes developing a healthy body (studies show that only 12.2% of Americans are metabolically healthy) and a healthy inner being.

Body blissciplines are consistent practices that give you pleasure and bring you back to your body (your feminine energy). This will help you radiate positive energy. It is this positive energy that draws the right people and opportunities your way. It also helps you exude an aura that makes you irresistible and unforgettable. This is what makes this level of consciousness an integral part of your “full-stack” consciousness. It sets the tone for your day and ultimately, forms the building blocks of your life and business. This is the key to self-mastery and helps unlock the secrets of your feminine magnetism. It’s the secret to learning to love yourself, your body, and your life.

  1. Soul Leadership

The key to success in business is to get your message heard. This is where soul leadership comes in. Not only does soul leadership help you amplify your voice and message, but it also makes your message desirable.

Those who have mastered soul leadership know how to play it smart in business. Their businesses seem to flow unhindered. That’s because soul leadership is a level of consciousness that helps you attract powerful people into your network. The success of your business is strongly influenced by the networks you create. Not only that, but it also builds high levels of trust within yourself and others.

Soul leadership is a broad subject that can’t be covered in a few words, but the bottom line is that it’s one of the secrets that many powerful entrepreneurs have used to start and scale their businesses successfully.

Success Is Deep Within You  You Just Need to Let It Out

These three levels of consciousness are the missing link to success for most female entrepreneurs. Tapping into them will help you break every limitation in your life and business. They align you for success. This and more are what Thatja (and her top mentors) teach in The Magnetic Woman Academy. Most of the students are ready to get their Ph.D. and build their Magnetic Online Empire from a place of full alignment. The results that her students have had are phenomenal.

“You have great potential hidden in you. You just need to know how to unlock it, harness it, and leverage it to live a life of success. Unlocking your inner feminine potential is the key to building a Magnetic Online Empire: doing what you love. That is how to live a fulfilled life — and get paid for it.” Thatja adds.