The Dennis Kenney Recipe For Success: A Closer Look

The world of fashion has experienced a wave of innovative creativity and passion in the form of style guru Dennis Kenney. Kenney has blown the minds of celebrities, corporate giants, and fashion enthusiasts alike with his fashion expertise.

What’s the algorithm for his success? you may ask. We’ll look into a few key ingredients that went into his transformation into the international sensation that he is.

Resilience: From Inception to Fruition

Resilience has been a key element in Kenney’s recipe to success. In fact, a closer look will reveal that it was resilience that triggered the start of his fashion career in the first place. While the penchant for the creative arts may have been inside him all along, it took adversity to unearth it.

This adversity came in the form of an injury that brought Kenney’s thriving hockey career to a halt. This was when Kenney demonstrated resilience. Instead of folding to his circumstances, Kenney drew on his intrinsic talents and rediscovered his love for the creative arts.

Using the Right Tools The Right Way

 Kenney also owes his success to his shrewd use of available resources such as digital platforms. He grabbed the attention of everyone in the fashion world by posting his style creations on social media. In no time his popularity skyrocketed and his name was on the lips of celebrities and other A-listers as well as fashion lovers. It wasn’t long before he was being contacted by big names in the entertainment industry who’d been inspired by what they’d seen. Pretty soon he was styling entertainment superstars like Kim Director, Mariah Belgrod, and Alysa Reiner as well as hosts and guests on shows like Good Morning America, TLC, and HGTV.

Once he had his foot in the door to the celebrity fashion world, he was able to use his networking and people skills to get featured in many high profile television programs. Media Giants such as ABC and NBC have asked Kenney to contribute to their shows in one way or another, usually to share his style gems with audiences.  Kenney delivered excellently and his fame continued to grow as his fan base swelled. It wasn’t long before his name became synonymous with the best modern fashion industry has to offer.

Kenney has continued to leverage social media to his advantage and currently has in excess of 70,000 followers on his @stylewithden Instagram page. He also dispenses his insightful takes on fashion in digital publications like

Eggs in Multiple Baskets

Instead of limiting himself to one aspect of the creative arts Kenney decided to dig deep and find his multi-talented persona.  He has delved into digital marketing having snagged a role as creative director in the advertising and marketing department at He designed and marketed his clothing line NONDK, which has been doing quite well.

In addition to wearing hats such as creative director and stylist, Kenney delved into fashion entrepreneurship. Consequently he founded the company Style With Den.  Style With Den has since developed a stellar reputation for delivering excellent fashion services and products.

Without a doubt, Kenney has found the right mix of talent, business sense and charisma to carve out a unique niche for himself in the global fashion industry. His recipe has been beyond successful as is evident by the wide and powerful fan base he has developed in the process.

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