This Couple Proves How Living Out Your Dreams Can Be A Reality

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Not many people can truly say that they are able to live out their passions and get paid doing so. Better yet, almost no one is able to work with the love of their life in the process. For high school sweethearts Domi and Frida, they’re able to do both. They’re both deeply passionate about travel, and traveled frequently even when both were busy working full time.

Traveling and creating content for a living never really occurred to them, but once the Instagram page they created to keep their family and friends updated on their travels began to blow up, it became more and more of a reality every day. The account surpassed 500,000 followers in just a few years, and they are able to travel full time and make a great living doing what they love. 

Because they had no intention of monetizing their content, it took them time to master their craft with photography and content creation. But nonetheless, they began to look at fellow content creators and YouTubers for help and content ideas. Their passion allowed them to improve on their content creation skills, allowed them to learn to negotiate with brands and hotels on deals and collaborations, and most of all allowed them to begin to learn how to monetize their brand through sponsorships and brand deals. Best of all, they became skilled at all of these things while doing what they love most.

Both Domi and Frida will admit that nothing is created overnight. Behind anyone successful is a ton of hard work and effort, and it’s no different for them. Even though they’re deeply passionate about travel and adventuring, they put in hours of work learning good content strategies and how to take beautiful photographs. They even failed multiple times in the beginning, but that only helped them improve even more and begin crushing it on social media. 

They advise anyone to appreciate failure for what it is and learn from failures, as they are a part of life and should not discourage you from continuing to pursue your dreams. Even with how passionate they were and with all of the content they were producing, striking deals with the first brands and hotels were challenging and they weren’t sure if they were truly up for the task of making their passion their full time job. But after sticking with it, they are both incredibly grateful that they stuck with it and are able to live out their dreams and get paid for it at the same time.