UNIQ Los Angeles: №1 Yacht Rental in Southern California

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Are you looking for yacht charters, private jet rental, or boat rental services? If so, consider UNIQ Los Angeles.

Owned by Dmitry Lyubimov, UNIQ Los Angeles offers a wide range of services from yacht and aircraft charters to property and exotic car rental services. They cater to high-end clients seeking luxury and class at competitive prices.

The company aims to provide the highest quality of professionalism and service so that you can impress. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious location for your loved one’s birthday party or a cruise, the company offers the elegant, cutting edge solutions you need to make the best impression on your friends or clients.


As a high-end rental company, UNIQ provides customized services to meet your requirements. Once you give them a call, you speak to an expert to discuss all your needs, and they prepare a detailed plan for you. This way, you’re guaranteed a stunning experience with competitive prices.

Here’s why UNIQ is ideal for elite clients.

1. Helps you create a good first impression

When it comes to making a good first impression, you only have five seconds. This is because people form an opinion within the first five seconds of contact. Luckily, with this rental company, you no longer have to worry about making the absolute best impression as their yachts and boats speak for themselves.

2. Accommodate all your requests

The company aims to accommodate all your luxury requests, from intimate private yachts to extravagant and luxurious boats. Whether you’re a budding socialite or a high-class entrepreneur, you’re bound to find the quality services you seek with the help of UNIQ’s team.

For instance, if you need to get on your chosen yacht an hour early to set up, you can arrange this with
UNIQ. He is very friendly and listens to all your needs before coming up with a practical solution.

3. Effective communication

When you book a service with the company, they communicate clearly and promptly before the set date. Their well-trained service team is always happy to answer all of your questions and concerns and discuss your needs beforehand.

4. They do everything

As mentioned earlier, UNIQ offers a wide range of services, including sea, land, air vehicles, and properties. They offer quality solutions to upscale customers that are seeking luxury and customized services.

For example, if you want a private jet rental for photos and videos, the company can help with this. And, if you wish to arrange a surprise cruise for your loved one, they can rent you a yacht.

5. Competitive prices

This rental company strives to ensure its elite clients can save money. Hence, they offer the most competitive prices in the market to ensure you can get quality and professional services without breaking the bank. They also offer special deals occasionally – all you have to do is contact them to confirm.

Need properties, exotic cars, or yachts? 

Book your rental services with UNIQ today. Contact them for more information about their services.