Vulnerability Is the New Vixen To Your Online Marketing Strategy

 Vulnerability Is the New Vixen To Your Online Marketing Strategy

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An edgy strategy is a secret weapon to enhancing your marketing no matter the time of year. But what if the missing ingredient to turning up the heat on your online conversations and client-creation is to simply be more human?

Rachel Hollis spearheaded the vulnerability online movement when she shared a picture celebrating her stretch marks. It went viral. Since then, we have witnessed moments of vulnerable truth and self-expression from women who, through liberating themselves, have liberated others. What they didn’t expect was the beautiful bi-product of connections in their online communities deepening and levels of magnetism and trust exponentially expanding.

How do you confidently step off the vulnerability ledge to tap into your marketing vixen?

Share Your Edges

“When I went on an adventure to travel the world in my early 20s, I realized what it was that I was missing. I didn’t realize I was going to find myself by leaving the life I have always known behind, but that’s exactly what I did. I took the leap of faith and trusted in the Universe and in God, that everything would work out.”

Ania Halama, a world traveler and wealth expert has helped thousands of heart-centered entrepreneurs align with their ideal clients and attract money, better health, abundant love, improved mental health, and spiritual wealth.

Before packing her bags, she was very sick; alcoholism and deteriorating mental health had taken their hold. Plant and spiritual medicine brought Ania back to life and she fell in love with business and spirituality. It was the healing work that allowed her to embody the confidence to share her most vulnerable edges – ones that once carried deep shame now magnetized women within her community to her. As her experience shows, holding back also denies those in need of your medicine.

For one month straight, I kept receiving the message to ‘write’ to the universe and it kept nudging me to step outside of my comfort zone and share more of my story. I have seen tremendous growth in my business because I decided to do the healing work, show up and share what has been my greatest shame. It is now my greatest tool for teaching and guiding others.”

The Mirror Holds The Magic

Sometimes we need the reflection of another’s story, to reveal the truths of our own. This is especially true if that person has healed through their own pain, as they can offer clues on how we might go about doing it for ourselves.”

Genevieve Searle is a survivor of abuse, TEDx speaker, and Personalised Holistic Wellness Mentor dedicated to supporting clients in becoming their own wellness authority. She has seen the power in sharing her story and in what it has allowed other women to do, who see themselves in her reclamation.

It is important to note that the power of reflection is diluted when you share from your mess, rather than from the wisdom on the other side of the experience. “It’s one thing to share your mess, but if you can’t hold yourself in the process, you’re just another messy human. Sharing creates a human connection, people can see me as real and accessible, and sharing my story from a place of clarity and leadership allows them to trust that I can help them”, Searle shares. 

“It’s also really important to know yourself.  Different people are wired differently and sharing vulnerably can actually be really intense for some nervous systems.  Understanding your personal HealthTypeProfile can really help you  take care of yourself when doing this.”

In order to shift towards catalyzing magic in your business, Searle speaks to the benefits of breathwork, movement, and ‘mini-vulnerability shares’. In this three-step method, she brings her body online through activating the parasympathetic nervous system with breathwork, then moving any fears through her body via somatic expression, and finally sharing small pieces of herself and her story that bring trust in being exposed.

Each time I do one of these and ‘don’t die’, I gain more proof that I am actually strong and powerful. Confidence is built over time as we courageously step up to do something hard or scary. Sharing vulnerability from our hearts is no different.”

Liberate Others

Self-liberation is the secret to moving the needle in your business. The more you learn and heal, the more the apology from the back of your throat disappears when you speak.

Choosing to share your experiences by sharing from ‘what went wrong’ and ‘what I learned’ can be the antidote to a lifeless plug-n-play marketing strategy. Today, more and more women are desiring deep connection and to rise within the community among others who they relate to and feel deeply seen by.

Leah Steele, otherwise known as ‘The Wealth Witch’ knows that through her ‘6-Figure mistakes’ which taught her to always source her power from within vs an external strategy. She shares “we cannot communicate and sell effectively when we are out of alignment with the highest version of ourselves. People buy our energy, therefore your first stop on wanting to grow your business – is to heal and liberate yourself!” 

Words Shannon Rose