Why Growpacker Is The Intel Inside the California Cannabis Industry

 Why Growpacker Is The Intel Inside the California Cannabis Industry

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The California cannabis market is booming. Expected to be worth as much as $32 billion by 2022, the state’s legal marijuana (i.e., THC) and CBD business are pioneering America’s foray into a lucrative industry. And Growpacker is spearheading the innovation in the state. 

A contract manufacturing and distribution firm, Growpacker has surged into the cannabis spotlight with high-profile partnerships amongst companies such as InterContinental Beverage Capital. Along with a recent collaboration as part of its brand incubator and accelerator, with non-alcoholic THC infused beer company Ceria, Growpacker appears to have discovered a profitable niche in an expanding market. 

The cannabis industry is still in its adolescent phase, however. Although 13 percent of Americans identify as active users of marijuana, regulatory hurdles remain and market immaturity must be overcome to foster big-name brand entry into the market.  

From further clinical and scientific research into the benefits of CBD and THC-infused products to more efficient product pipelines, the opportunity to leverage the potential of the cannabis industry requires experience and a well-defined pathway — something that Growpacker has in spades. 

Innovation & Formulation 

The heart of Growpacker’s business model is its vertical integration of product pipelines, and specifically, its innovation in infusion technologies, pasteurization, processing, and research. 

Growpacker’s clients and partners wield the ability of the company to significantly reduce overhead costs with a turnkey model designed to minimize cash flow investment. Initiatives by the firm to aggregate multiple aspects of the THC and CBD-infused product pipeline for brands also afford Growpacker unique insights into brand requests, and by extension, methods for optimizing the science behind the products. 

For example, the company recently announced the launch of proprietary emulsification and infusion technologies to address shelf-life problems and active ingredient degradation of THC and CBD-infused products. 

“Growpacker has been rapidly and consistently adding to its portfolio of problem-solving IP for cannabis and CBD companies, and this new emulsification and infusion technology streamlines the manufacturing process even further,” detailed Growpacker CEO, Stephen Boyd, in the Bloomberg press release

Growpacker has a sizeable advantage. Controlling all the necessary verticals from concept to product launch, the company is progressively unlocking the secrets of cannabinoids through experimentation and practical innovation. If a brand can come up with the idea, Growpacker can formulate it, infuse it, package it, and distribute it. 

In emerging markets, companies who control pillars of the necessary product verticals usually emerge triumphant in the long-run. 

Modeling CBD and THC Among a Changing Backdrop 

Stemming from the ongoing opioid crisis in America, many people are exhausted with the potent painkillers and other drugs doled out by big pharma. As a result, people are increasingly seeking holistic methods for their ailments — areas that THC and CBD are a perfect fit for. 

It’s only a matter of time before big-name brands jump on board CBD and THC products, they’re just waiting for the market to mature and clinical exploration to break through a certain threshold. And that medically-approved ceiling is coming into focus. 

California continues to lead the charge in the push towards a full-fledged ecosystem of THC and CBD-infused products, and at the core of the drive are companies like Growpacker. A veritable cannabis analog of Intel, spinning up the necessary technology for a new industry, Growpacker is helping fuel innovation in a multi-billion sector.