Why Some of the World’s Top Entrepreneurs Are Turning to Nootropics

 Why Some of the World’s Top Entrepreneurs Are Turning to Nootropics

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With the business landscape continuing to grow evermore digital and the barriers to entry for disruptive startups to emerge being at record lows, it’s no secret that companies of all sizes and across all industries must move faster than ever to stay ahead of competitors. To keep up, entrepreneurs must move swiftly, adapt quickly and make crucial decisions on a near-daily basis. When this speed of innovation is coupled with the explosive popularity and public appeal of the Silicon Valley startup world, it comes as little surprise that microdosing, transcendental meditation, nootropics and other life hacks to boost cognitive performance are also on the rise.

What are nootropics? Defined, nootropics are supplements used to enhance mental functions like creativity, memory and drive. Some describe the effect of nootropics much like the pill taken in the popular movie, Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper. They provide users with a variety of different effects—ranging from the calming nature of Rhodiola rosea to the mental boost provided by nootropics like Ginkgo biloba and piracetam. 

These smart drugs are gaining a great deal of momentum when it comes to consumer appeal. High-performing athletes, scrappy students and business professionals alike have all expressed interest in the supplements. In fact, studies have shown that an estimated 11% of U.S. college students regularly use nootropics. Additionally, the wide variety of clientele purchasing the enhancers is, more than likely, one of the reasons the industry value is estimated to reach $5.9 billion by 2024. 

To top it off, with mainstream entrepreneurial icons, from Tim Ferriss to Aubrey Marcus to Joe Rogan, pushing for entrepreneurs to try out nootropics, it seems the only possible direction for the space is skyward. Here are just a few more reasons why these supplements are catching steam in the entrepreneurial world and beyond, along with where to start if you’re interested in trying them for yourself.

#1. The Pursuit of Achieving “Flow State”

In a poll conducted by IBM, 60% of entrepreneurs attributed creativity as being their most significant quality as a leader. Yet, it seems as if creativity comes in waves for individuals—coming naturally on some days, while being laborious or impossible on other days. On the days where the creativity flows easily, we feel nearly invincible. We feel as though we could type up a term paper in under three hours, or develop a mobile from scratch. Many simply call this higher state of consciousness as being “in the zone”, but psychologists have labeled this elevated condition as flow state

Now, imagine if someone was able to harness the power of flow state, on demand? Think of the amount of creative solutions and outright productivity that an individual could accomplish in hours instead of days? This is the very reason many entrepreneurs are turning to nootropics. One such supplement, piracetam, has been shown to help enhance the brain waves directly connected to flow state. If you’re looking to boost your brain function and improve mental dexterity to achieve flow state faster, nootropics may be the secret weapon you’ve been searching for.

#2. The Battle Against Brain Fog

A growing phenomenon among entrepreneurs and working professionals is “brain fog”. Medical advice platform, Healthline, defines brain fog as a perpetual state of forgetfulness, lack of mental clarity, poor concentration and the inability to focus. Without your brain at peak condition, you run the risk of making costly errors as a business owner. With nootropics, the effects of brain fog can be minimized or ousted altogether. Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof Coffee and a poster child for productivity in the tech ecosystem, is an advocate of combating brain fog with nootropics—claiming his brain fog was eliminated after consistently taking piracetam. The market can’t wait for entrepreneurs who struggle with a lack of focus or mental clarity, and nootropics can potentially provide an escape route. 

#3. Better Decision Making

Day after day, the top entrepreneurs in the world rely on their razor-sharp cognition to propel their organizations forward by making swift, savvy, business decisions. Billionaire visionary, Jeff Bezos, credits the success of Amazon to his ability to make informed decisions, fast: “Speed matters in business…If you’re good at course correcting, being wrong may be less costly than you think.”

With the help of enhancers like nootropics, you may be able to reach optimal mental performance quicker than you would, organically—providing you with a competitive edge over others in your industry. Business is a game won by companies that make countless, good decisions over a long period of time, so it’s not shocking that entrepreneurs are growing increasingly interested in smart drugs to assist them along the way.

About Nuoptimal

If you’re an entrepreneur, high-performing professional, student or athlete interested in taking your mental sharpness to new heights, nootropics may be a solid place to start. One company that’s making noise in the nootropics space is Nuoptimal. Based in Los Angeles, Nuoptimal is aiming to make a lasting imprint in the industry by providing effective and safe supplements to the marketplace.

Nuoptimal’s flagship product, metaBRAIN, contains three distinct supplements (metaFOCUS, metaMEMORY and metaDRIVE), which are intended to boost focus, memory and motivation, respectively. In conjunction with selling supplements, Nuoptimal is also building an active community of peak performers by establishing a lifestyle brand associated with optimal living. That’s why each purchase of metaBRAIN also contains a 16-page manual that details the tools and framework needed to transform you into the best possible version of yourself. Here are just some of the other reasons to choose Nuoptimal.

  • High quality products at affordable rates: Nuoptimal believes reaching one’s peak cognition shouldn’t be reserved only for those with deep pockets. This is why their products are reasonably priced relative to competitors—without sacrificing quality.
  • Transparent ingredients: Today’s nootropic market is saturated with products untested by third parties, “proprietary blends” that are secretive about their ingredients, and supplements containing harmful, toxic fillers. With Nuoptimal’s product line, you can rest assured everything from its ingredients to its clinical research will be disclosed and fully available to the public.
  • 60-Day guarantee: Nuoptimal’s core vision is to empower people to reach their full potential in all areas of life—from their mental sharpness to their physical fitness. That’s why Nuoptimal has a 60-day guarantee on all their nootropics, no questions asked and no returns needed. If customers aren’t 100% satisfied with their purchase, they can get their money back.
  • Supported by science: The ingredients and processes used in Nuoptimal’s metaBRAIN and other products are fully supported by clinical research. They are working with Cambridge Brain Sciences to conduct a study validating the effectiveness of their nootropics.

With the world becoming more interested in attaining peak performance, the hunt for reaching optimal cognition is in full swing. While a “super pill” may never be in the realm of possibility for entrepreneurs, nootropics could be the closest thing available on the market—making them a worthwhile consideration for entrepreneurs of all kinds.