Willy Lin Exceeds Seven Figures In eCommerce Profits Annually And Founded WAH Academy

 Willy Lin Exceeds Seven Figures In eCommerce Profits Annually And Founded WAH Academy

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Willy Lin is a Singapore based eCommerce industry specialist who created the ‘5 Steps eCommerce System Coaching Program.” He was able to clear his debts (to the tune of $300,000) and collect 7 figures in annual eCommerce profits using his set of self-taught eCommerce set of strategies.

Willy Lin founded the WAH Academy in 2014 and has since focused his energy on training and grooming aspiring entrepreneurs to become successful by utilizing Amazon FBA.

WAH Academy

According to Willy, the WAH Academy is shorthand for “Work At Home” Academy. With the success of his Amazon eCommerce business, a lot of inquiries were made about whether Willy would share his strategies and experience to help others ‘work at home’ during their spare time and to generate revenue from their own Amazon eCommerce business.

Willy thought this was a good idea and he started the WAH Academy to share his knowledge and help people create profitable eCommerce businesses. Providing this type of help was something that Willy found fulfilling and extremely rewarding, noting that it was the most relevant and meaningful than any job that he ever had. In fact, he found the lend his expertise to help others succeed immensely liberating, and made him feel like he could make a genuinely significant impact on the world through his teaching.

Growing His Business

Because Willy and his team helped so many students successfully achieve positive results, the WAH Academy essentially created its own business brand. As students met their desired results but using WAH’s strategies, they would offer great testimonials of proven success and refer others to his business. This caused the company’s brand and image to be bolstered for other interested parties.

When Willy first started the WAH Academy, the primary promotional strategy was word of mouth, so he utilized Meetup.com to get the word out about his program. Since then he has leveraged Facebook and YouTube Ads to market his company and the services it provides.

Over the years since its inception, the company has scaled up, and now qualifies people interested in joining the coaching program. The coaching team also includes some of Willy’s former students who have developed their own successful e-commerce ventures using WAH taught strategies. These students turn coaches experience a positive learning cycle as they learn more about the world of e-commerce while coaching others.

The Secrets To His Successful Program’s Virality

Willy feels that the company increases sales and grows virality with their Facebook utilization specifically as it promotes the ability to freely share their knowledge and skills. They do this by providing small but useful information bits through YouTube Ads and Facebook on such strategies as “How to launch private label products on Amazon through collaboration with influencers.”

They share real tips that people can use right away to apply to and enhance their business, a method that allowed the company to gain more recognition throughout the years. This helps individuals receiving the information see that WAH Academy has a sincere interest in helping them garner success, rather than just self-promote their own accolades.

Marketing On Amazon

Willy’s findings revealed that it is far more effective to work with influencers to market products than it is to exercise the more popular strategy of driving Amazon sales through paid traffic. Influencers introduce one’s product to their followers and promote it. The followers then spread the word about the product to their network of peers if they find the information to be reliable.

This strategy, according to Willy, promotes scalability and helps to receive traffic from outside of Amazon. This is preferable to driving sales solely through Amazon Sponsored advertisements, which are not a practical enough method to keep up for a long time as they are not very cost-effective. At the peak of the shopping season, the cost of maintaining Amazon Ads can, and likely will, become cost-prohibitive.

Achieving A Better Success Rate Than Competitors

Willy Lin is upfront that the reason that WAH Academy has been so successful is that they have a very stringent process in qualifying who they will actually work with. One of the key things Willy learned from his many years of coaching is that to start an eCommerce business one needs to have the right attitude.

He has been clear that his goal was to create a positive environment for any new students who joined WAH to get the results they desired, and that he sees it as his responsibility to all of his students to deliver on their success. In order to achieve success Willy wants to share his knowledge with people who are determined to make their eCommerce venture a success, then will propagate that success by influencing and encouraging others.

For this reason, his team interviews prospective participants before they join the coaching program. The interview is part of a ‘strategy call’ method, a technique that helps them filter out those who are not serious about setting up a successful eCommerce business. By enrolling only those people who they believe are a good fit for the coaching program, Willy and his team believe that they can maintain a high success rate in their teaching strategy. Once the individuals are registered, the WAH Academy issues a promise to them to coach them until they are successful.

Greatest Life Lesson

For Willy Lin, the most vital life lesson is that successful entrepreneurship requires determination and consistency. One simply cannot succeed in an entrepreneurial venture unless they are determined to overcome any obstacle and stay the course on what they are doing on a daily basis.

Foresight Into The Future

In the future, Willy Lin foresees a greater number of people wanting to build their own eCommerce business, and he foresees the WAH Academy as helping many aspiring entrepreneurs in doing so.

He predicts that more people will begin to recognize the value in companies such as WAH Academy and he will continue to work with the best entrepreneurs to help them be successful. As Willy likes to cite one of his favorite quotes from Bill Phillips:

“The difference between who you are, and who you want to be, is what you do.”