World Class Stylist Tigerlily Hill Spills her Secrets to Success

 World Class Stylist Tigerlily Hill Spills her Secrets to Success

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If you are into fashion, styling, and Hollywood, you have probably heard about Tigerlilly Hill a lot of times. She is a style icon and was one of the two finalists in VH1’s Glam God with Vivica Fox. She has also designed fashion masterpieces such as blouses that were loved and worn by the likes of Hillary Duff, Taryn Manning, Haley Bennet, Carla Gugino, Keira Knightley, and Maria Menounos. Her swimwear brand Nothing but Net Body only boasts unique designs that are inspired by the Cayman Islands heritage and have gained so much traction from fashion lovers in America and worldwide. Today, we are going to interview her, stay tuned so you do not miss out on this amazing stylist and TV personality.

Is styling what you have always wanted to do?

Yes, I have been passionate about fashion for as long as I can remember. It makes me feel so fulfilled to know that I played a part in making someone look and feel their best. I think that’s one of the reasons that I create great designs and styles. It is the only thing I have ever known.

What inspired you when creating the nothing but net body line?

Where I come from, the Cayman Islands is what mostly inspired me. We have a heritage of fishing and that is why the fishing net is like the main part of the designs. People really like them because they come off as original and authentic. You can copy a style or a trend but you can’t copy a feeling and my design reflect the feeling and touch of the Cayman Islands and my love for it. That clothing line means a lot to me.

Is there anyone that you work with, and are grateful for?

First of all, I would like to thank each and everyone that I have worked with or came across in the past few years. We barely recognize it but every person you meet plays a role in your purpose. Everyone has contributed to who I have become today, some to a small extent, some to a big extent but both important. I am grateful and appreciate each of them. However, one person I can point out is Nik Stewart. She is my friend, business partner and we both come from the Cayman Islands. We have been through thick and thin together both as individuals and designers. She is such an amazing person and I am and will always be grateful for her. She is such an incredible person and a very talented designer.

What is one piece of advice you would like to give young designers who want to make it in the industry?

I like this question because I like seeing young and new talent succeed and make it in the industry. If there is one piece of advice I could give it would be that having talent and working hard helps yes but nothing is more powerful than the connections you make on the way. Be friendly, nice, and cooperative to everyone you meet on the way regardless of their position. You never know who might end up helping you or who they might introduce you to. Everyone you meet has the potential to help you fulfill your dreams so do your best and be nice to people.