Al Cairns Took A Non-Traditional Route And It Paid Off For Him. Find Out More Below.

 Al Cairns Took A Non-Traditional Route And It Paid Off For Him. Find Out More Below.

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Al Cairns, born in Baltimore, Maryland on August 14, 1991, knew that he would not be following a traditional path to success. He was never the type of guy to go to college and wait for a good job to come after. Instead, he went onto the path of soccer and coaching, which led him to the coveted position of becoming a Barry’s Instructor.

“I was admitted to Cal State Fullerton where I studied one of my passions; Media & Production. I actually had a few internships towards the end of it at Paramount Pictures on the sets of The Doctors TV Show. An amazing experience seeing professionals who have truly perfected their craft in the entertainment industry. The internships enlightened me that the traditional path being presented maybe wasn’t for me.” recounts Al.

From here, Al decided to move to the Bay area and use his connection to work his way into the soccer and coaching world. He has taught many people the wonders of soccer that he experienced as a young kid as well who thoroughly enjoyed the world of athletics. After coaching for many years, a different kind of opportunity presented itself to Al.

“Since 2015 I’ve had the privilege to be a coach, leader and mentor to many amazing kids who will inevitably also become leaders for future generations. It’s an amazing and impactful feeling to have the opportunity to help shape the minds and values that will be instilled without our youth. Two years ago, another opportunity presented itself through my very diverse network of colleagues and friends. It was an opportunity to audition for a spot to become a Barry’s Instructor in the Bay Area and potentially a leading instructor at the new Palo Alto and Santana Row locations.” Al explains.

For Al, this was a special privilege for him and something he took up immediately. He has his own loyal clientele who come to him to learn more about fitness and soccer specifically. Al is on top of all fitness trends and helps people continue coming back to his classes by connecting to them on many levels.

“Not everyone is cut out to be Barry’s Instructor or play a positive role in the lives of our youth. I have a personality that naturally includes others and a rare ability to not be afraid to make the first step in doing so. No matter one’s age, gender, sexual orientation, race or socioeconomic status, I hold the ability to quickly find common ground and make people feel comfortable. I am now a personal Fitness and Soccer Specific Trainer with programs through Barry’s Bootcamp, private soccer clubs, and my own separate clientele. Soccer is seasonal in nature, while there are more seasonal trends in the general fitness industry, which I have an active pulse on.” Al says.

Al is different from many other trainers and coaches out there. As he said, he is able to make people feel comfortable no matter where they come from or what their background is, but even more so Al has a personality that helps him create bonds through his genuineness and kindness to others.

“My open and genuine personality naturally enables me to differentiate from my peers. I believe to have a high IQ – rating and understand it takes less than 30 seconds for someone who doesn’t know you to determine if they like you or not. I truly try to create real relationships with every individual I encounter. It’s not just result driven but learning about clients lifestyles, friendships, fitness goals, life goals, and overall personality enable me to connect. None are the same and I take a holistic approach to learn as much as I can about each of these people and how I can make a lasting positive impression on their life.” comments Al.

Al’s piece of advice for those looking to start their own business or launch themselves into the fitness world is to not be afraid of hard work.

“People shouldn’t be afraid of hard work and putting themselves out there. I truly want to enable people to live better and more fulfilled lives and believe to hold unique traits that other leaders hold in their ability to connect people.” advises Al.

To find out more about Al, you can check him out on Instagram @theboyskux.