Mega Instagram Influencer Reveals Her Secrets To Building An Instagram Empire

 Mega Instagram Influencer Reveals Her Secrets To Building An Instagram Empire

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With Instagram changing its platform and algorithm, it has never been more important to rethink your content strategy as an influencer, entrepreneur- especially if the platform is part of your overall brand strategy to get known and drive traffic to your product/service.

It’s time to understand the changes and how one can succeed with Instagram. We had a quick chat with mega influencer Laci Kay Somers who provides her insights into her success on social media and off the platform.

Give us some context into who you are, what you do, and how did you an Instagram Influencer? 

My name is Laci Kay Somers, I’m an actress, model, and recording artist from San Francisco, California. I’ve successfully built a brand on social media with over 11 million followers and subscribers, and continue to build my fan base with extensive social media knowledge. I’ve invested heavily in real estate and cryptocurrency, and that has allowed me to travel the world and build several other income streams. Today, I spend most of my time in LA creating new music and networking with other successful entrepreneurs, and icons in music. I became an influencer by creating unique quality content when Instagram first started, and I viewed my Instagram as a “business” and not just a photo and video sharing app. I’m always changing up my content, strategies and making sure I’m adapting to the changes of Instagram. 

Credit: Laci Kay Somers

What are your top 3 tips you used to grow your Instagram that could benefit others? 

My top 3 tips for growing your Instagram following and influence include;

  1. Creating valuable eye-catching content at all times
  2. Innovating and doing something different than everyone else
  3. Investing and reinvesting capital into content creation, advertising, and social media campaigns for explosive growth

You have many brands trying to promote their products and services, could you provide insights on how brands can increase their chances of working with top influencers like yourself?

The key for brands is to provide quality products for influencers to promote and ASK influencers what they charge for advertising. My biggest pet peeve is when brands contact me and tell me what they want to pay me for advertising and make it seem like I NEED them or want to post them on my page. I would advise brands to open up communication with influencers by asking them if they would be interested in promoting their brand and then asking that influencer what they charge for advertising. I’ve put a lot of money into blowing up my brand and I have a lot of engagement, therefore, I’d like the respect and acknowledgment of what I’ve done and then how we can work together. 

Have you ever turned down a brand deal even though they paid a lot of money? If so, what was your reason for doing so?

YES, I’ve done this numerous times. There’s a really popular brand on social media that a lot of influencers are currently promoting, and I chose not to work with them because I didn’t want to align myself with a brand that included other individuals with bad reputations. I’m a firm believer in doing business with brands that align with your values and I didn’t want to be associated with questionable individuals. I also didn’t agree with the amount they wanted to pay me given my social reach, and I didn’t want to promote a product to my fan base for a check I didn’t need. I love working with brands but it has to be a mutually beneficial relationship that is more than just money. I like full creative control when it comes to posting as I know my audience, page and most importantly know how to execute better than anyone else. 

Being a musical artist, how have you been able to leverage Instagram to drive awareness to your music or other projects you are currently working on? 

My Instagram generates millions of page views every week, and I’ve used it to drive millions of listeners to my Spotify and iTunes accounts, as well as my YouTube channel. I’m constantly figuring out ways to extend my reach and show people that I’m more than just a model. I’m a recording artist who has a passion for creative music and a unique sound.