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At So Influential, we are always looking for new insights from Social Media Influencers, Startup CEOs and Thought Leaders.

If this is you, we welcome your ideas and posts!

🥳 BTW you can also contribute to SoInfluential, Remarkable, Total GirlBoss, Absolute Baller, Mentioned, and AuthorityDaily!


  1. The content has to be unique and not been published elsewhere
  2. Ideally, the content includes a new insight or trend of your industry
  3. Include a beautiful Featured Image on your post
  4. We retain the rights to modify, change, repost, repurpose or delete your post at any point for any reason.
  5. By posting, you agree to our contributor rules.

✅ Registration steps

  1. Register here.
  2. Wait a few minutes until your password link is emailed to you. (If it’s not emailed, please click on lost your password to get a new one)
  3. Pick a subscription plan here. If you are a PR agency, we recommend going for the monthly plans. 
  4. Once logged in, click on Submit Post
    1. Add a Featured Image, a Title and the Content
    2. Hit Submit! 

How to make your article look good and be SEO friendly

  1. Add a Featured Image showcasing a big smile (less than 1Mb)
  2. Use your name or company name in the title (i.e. “Meet John Doe, the founder of XYZ”)
  3. Use H2/H3 headings, blockquotes and bold text
  4. Add other images, Youtube videos, etc
  5. Pick a good category
  6. If you write about someone (i.e. John Doe) use their name a few times throughout the article
  7. Read other SEO tips to get the most traffic to your article.

Need help?

The full instructions on how to post can be found here.

If you need help or are stuck, contact Alejandro.