C-Styles Music: Thoughts on Brand Awareness and Success

C-Styles is the Southside Atlanta GA musician born on March 21, 1984. He is also creator of TrueMind Records and CEO of TrueMind Apparel clothing company. C-Styles worked with Grammy Nominated Producer/Engineer Karl Heilbron and other producers on many projects. C-Styles, having a close relationship with his father, is most inspired by his inspirational unforgettable […]Read More

Steve O’Dell: The King of Linkedin and Matcha

Steve O’Dell is the founder of Tenzo Tea. In this interview we chat with him about some of his Linkedin secrets to virality. Social accounts: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram Niche: Food & Beverage, Ecommerce  How did you grow your account in the early days? Steve O’Dell: To give some necessary background, Tenzo sells a ceremonial matcha […]Read More

How Anshul Aggarwal is Curating Engagement with Supercharged

Bio: Anshul Aggarwal is the voice of Supercharged, a video channel dedicated to growing social, technical, and financial literacy in Gen Z. He uses comedy and skits in a relatable format to teach people about the hidden parts of what makes our world tick. Social accounts: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram Niche: YouTube Educational Content How did […]Read More

Top 10 Instagram Influencers/Celebrities by Followers

Here are the top 10 Instagram accounts by follower count as of October 2019. Here are the most famous celebrities on IG Name Follower Count Niche Taylor Swift 121M Music Neymar 126M Soccer Lionel Messi 132M Soccer Beyonce 133M Music Kylie Jenner 148M Personality Kim Kardashian 149M Personality Selena Gomez 157M Music / Actress Dwayne […]Read More

How To Get Millions of Views on Facebook with Goubtube

Amassing over 1.5M likes, over 150,000,000 views on his Facebook page and over 1,000,000,000 views on Facebook over all, Goubtube is one of the most watched sketch makers in the world. His most watched video on his page surpasses 90M views. We sat down with Goubran Bahou, the genius behind Goubtube to learn his process for […]Read More

How did Markian blow up? [Exclusive interview]

Markian, aka The Smiling Redhead, is a social media influencer with over 750k followers, a young entrepreneur, and a college student at USC. City where you’re from: Marbella, Spain Hobbies: Soccer, Entrepreneurship, Dancing, Leaving comfort zone Favorite quote: There’s nothing worth worrying about in life Social accounts: Facebook (680k) www.facebook.com/markianb Youtube (60k) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi1ynaf3mWz-mgim7LvqjzQ Instagram (20k) […]Read More