Alejandro Rioja

Alejandro Rioja is a serial entrepreneur, founder of So Influential, Future Sharks and Flux Ventures. Read more on his blog.

Top 10 Instagram Influencers/Celebrities by Followers

Here are the top 10 Instagram accounts by follower count as of October 2019. Here are the most famous celebrities on IG Name Follower Count Niche Taylor Swift 121M Music Neymar 126M Soccer Lionel Messi 132M Soccer Beyonce 133M Music Kylie Jenner 148M Personality Kim Kardashian 149M Personality Selena Gomez 157M Music / Actress Dwayne […]Read More

How did Markian blow up? [Exclusive interview]

Markian, aka The Smiling Redhead, is a social media influencer with over 750k followers, a young entrepreneur, and a college student at USC. City where you’re from: Marbella, Spain Hobbies: Soccer, Entrepreneurship, Dancing, Leaving comfort zone Favorite quote: There’s nothing worth worrying about in life Social accounts: Facebook (680k) Youtube (60k) Instagram (20k) […]Read More

BrookeLyn From 0 to 2.5M likes!

The millennial world of social media is a hot bed of breaking new talent. Brookelyn however is one of the frontrunners of this new business frontier. In just 8 short months Brookelyn has nurtured her brand and talent becoming one of the fastest growing UK social media influencers out there. She has amassed a staggering […]Read More