A Model, Musician, And Entrepreneur, Ellen Alexander Is A Woman Who Can Do It All

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Getting started in your career at a young age usually includes partaking in internships and volunteering for many people. For Ellen Alexander, this meant something bigger and more involved than the average kid. She began her modeling career at a very young age and was successful very quickly. Inspired and pushed by her dad’s interest in photography and her own interests as well, she quickly became a successful model who worked with many topline brands at an incredibly young age.

“I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. I come from a background of scientists and militant soldiers, my parents were both scientists, and my father also played around in the photography world, which is where I began my early career as a model. I did many extra curricular activities as a child, I practiced dance, music, and theater. I recall seeing my face on TV many times as a child. At an early age, around five years old, my father began finding me opportunities in commercial/propaganda shoots, which later led to my acting career, where I played background characters in TV shows/ Movies. At the age of 14, I signed with a couple of modeling agencies and began to travel the world. I have done catalog shoots for names such as, “Versace” and “Guess”,” Ellen recounts.

2020 and 2021 are shaping up to be a big year for Ellen. Despite the year being difficult for many people in various industries, Ellen has a lot planned for 2020 and 2021. She hopes to expand beyond just her modeling career in order to diversify and express her talents. As a model, she has been hiding many talents that she now wants to share with the world. This includes her music presence as well as some other companies she has started. Her presence on social media will be expanded through her work in different industries. Besides work, Ellen hopes to start a traditional family lifestyle with a husband and kids in the near future.

“My current Goals are to release all 200 songs I have written, make music videos for them and grow my social media platforms. I also want to release some press about myself in the near future. I also currently have 3 websites that I want to work on, one of which is named GDP music group (LLC). I am a woman with many card tricks, but I also cherish my lifestyle. In the next 5 years, I have plans on starting a traditional family, getting married, and having kids,” Ellen explains.

Though Ellen seems  to have all of the confidence in the world, she has struggled with many obstacles on her path to success. Confidence is one of the many obstacles that she has had to conquer. There were a lot of naysayers in her life, but this never stopped her from achieving the success she wanted. Now, she is a famous model who hopes to keep striving to go further with her life.

“I believe that some of my obstacles are found in my peers and my own insecurities. I find myself to be a very sensitive and emotional person, which sometimes gets in my way. I also see my accent as an obstacle, and want to work on becoming fluent in English because I believe people view me differently because of my Russian accent. I do not see competition in my path. Instead I see people on the same journey who I can learn from and also help. I believe having financial freedom is not needing to worry about tomorrow. I am currently investing her money in her career and self,” Ellen states.

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