A Trader In the Forex Market, 22 Year Old Erick Goni Has Advice For Making It Big No Matter What Your Age Is

 A Trader In the Forex Market, 22 Year Old Erick Goni Has Advice For Making It Big No Matter What Your Age Is

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Erick Goni is an entrepreneur who was born and raised in Lima, Peru. He is a young entrepreneur who began his journey into the business world at the age of 17. With lots of family economic issues, he wanted to find a way to do better for his parents and family. He had plenty of dreams, but was not sure how to make them a reality. 

“I started in the entrepreneurship world when I was 17 when I finished High School. By that time, I didn’t know what to do with my life. I had a lot of dreams and goals, but no vehicle or clear path to achieve them. I come from a middle class family with a small business background, but thanks to some familiar problems, a lot of economical issues happened in my family.” recounts Erick.

Unfortunately, Erick’s family was not the most supportive of his dreams. He would tell them that he wished to have money and travel the world, and they would lack understanding and empathy for him. They told him to get his head out of the clouds and follow a more traditional path to success.

“In the beginning, I had my family and friends against me because they wanted me to follow a “normal life” and graduate from university and have a good job so it was hard “living with the enemy” at least for a couple of years. When I told my goals and dreams of traveling around the world, driving nice cars and having freedom to do things that I like, everyone told me to stop dreaming and live in reality. Fortunately, I didn’t listen and search for ways of achieving those dreams. Then they understood and saw the results and supported me and are proud of what I do.” Erick explains.

Thankfully, Erick did not stop believing in his own success and ability to achieve his goals. He kept pushing and eventually discovered the trading and forex markets where he has been able to achieve his dream of financial success and freedom and the ability to do what he wants thanks to that financial success.

“Long story short: I started in the network marketing business at age 17, then made a couple of thousands dollars, became good at investing, multiplied in different ways like trading, commodities, crypto currency, and real estate. I started drop shipping, made more thousands dollars and then reinvested all in increasing my portfolio in my forex and crypto account. Nowadays, I have become a 6 figure earner in the network marketing industry and mainly focus on becoming a multimillionaire with my investments and creating the biggest hedge fund in my country.” states Erick

Erick has been able to achieve millions at the age of only 22. His success is unmatched by most investors and particularly at his age. His advice for people hoping to start their own business: make sure you focus on things other than the money because then your business will collapse very quickly.

“First of all, understand why you want to start that business, because if money is the only reason, you will lose interest over time or won’t make it big. For example, I used to have the dream of owning a hotel when I was a kid. That was because I liked traveling and getting to know people from all over the world. Nowadays, I can do that and more with my business and have the freedom to do whatever I want and whenever I want. Last but not least, understand that anything worth it takes time! Work hard and commit all in but don’t expect to become a millionaire overnight.” advises Erick.

Erick  has achieved what few others have by being an entrepreneur in a difficult market and a difficult time and did it all before hitting the age of 30.

To find out more about Erick, you can follow him on Instagram @erick_goni