Frederico Panetta On The Importance Of Structure And Mindset In Business

 Frederico Panetta On The Importance Of Structure And Mindset In Business

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One profound commonality amongst successful business owners is that they often had humble beginnings with slow but sure-fire come-ups. Through hardship and tribulation, they learned how to turn coal into diamonds. Their first attempts at building businesses were often not successful at first, but their determination to make something work inevitably led to life-changing career accomplishments. 

The Moxie Behind What Makes You Successful 

Interviewing Frederico Panetta, the CEO of Gould Industries in Canada, we uncovered some of the moxie behind what makes someone successful in business and the mindset they possess that makes it possible. He explained, “I came from a non-traditional background in North Montreal, despite this, most of my initial business endeavors were successful, from being the third most sold energy drink at the age of 17, to now in my 30’s working with most major retailers around the country. The challenges have changed somewhat, but inevitably the goal is to have fun in whatever I’m doing, I don’t consider it work.” This philosophy is a commonality amongst high-level executives who love what they do for work. They don’t consider anything they do cumbersome or a task, therefore it’s never tedious or stressful to them, and even when it is, there’s a sigh of relief from waking up every morning doing what you love. 

A Unique Vision 

Frederico exemplifies leadership qualities with his longing for his team to always win with him holding an ideology that helps him stand out from other CEOs. Frederico says, “My colleagues say I have a unique vision that not many understand. One core value I have is to be extremely generous with my time while working with my employees and colleagues I see great potential in. If you’re on my team, I want to see you win. I listen to them, I help them grow and reach their objectives and goals. A more human approach maybe, but in the long run people become extremely loyal to you and they give you more heart in their work.” 

What’s Your “Why”? 

Naturally, entrepreneurs have a why for working tirelessly at their craft to see true success. It’s never easy, but through perseverance, greatness inevitably will result in the end. Is it the money? The cars? The houses? For Frederico Panetta, it never was. “I never did it for the money or to be able to buy myself a fancy car, I do it just because I do it. I take all the stress on my shoulders, all the responsibilities, all the ups and downs, and every day I can’t wait to go in and dive into a new day.” says Frederico. 

Morning Routines Help To Align & Regulate Mindset For Success 

Successful people often stick to consistent schedules and routines. “Every morning around 6 AM I have coffee with my mom and discuss what’s going on in my life and the business. We often envision the future for the company and its trajectory. I always look at Bloomberg to see what’s going on in the world in correlation with currency exchange as it affects our business greatly in ways. At the office, I have a 15 – minute meeting every morning with my plant director as we walk around the facility. I stop into the accounting office and see what’s cooking in there, stop by the construction office and follow up with any new expansions that are taking place, then I let Taddei take the reigns from there.” Maintaining a routine without a doubt helps Frederico remain steadfast on the goals ahead helps him focus on what’s truly important during the day. 

One Cup Of Coffee At A Time

In conclusion, you can see that Frederico finds alignment and solace in morning routines and consistent goal-oriented behaviors while helping others along the way. If you’d like to follow Frederico’s story further, be sure to follow him on Instagram @frederico_ambiance for the latest updates on life and Gould Industries.