Hard Work Pays Off: Mike Ashabi’s Journey To Happiness & Success

 Hard Work Pays Off: Mike Ashabi’s Journey To Happiness & Success

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Many people believe that what works for them works for others and that is not always the truth. Mike Ashabi knows this and that is why he is changing the game to provide better service to his clients through his two business ventures. 

Mike Ashabi is the founder and CEO of True Life Ventures, which specializes in life and business coaching. Mike is also the founder of The One Connection Network, a network made up of major entrepreneurs connected to around 60 different industries. 

I realized that most coaches are just selling their strategies on what made them successful but what I’ve observed over the last few years is that what works for one person does not work for another. People don’t have the same tools, resources, or financial abilities as another person does.” Mike shares.

In order to tackle this reality, Mike wanted to connect with his clients to better understand their situation and tailor solutions for them. 

I wanted to change the game and get directly involved with my clients, learn about their situation and where they want to go, and develop strategies with them that they can effectively execute within the means of the tools, resources and financial abilities that they have.” Mike explains.

The purpose of The One Connection Network is to make the marketplace convenient, allowing business owners and entrepreneurs get things done in one place rather than having to go different places. The idea is to find in one place resources to do promotion, content creation, sales training, software, and anything else business owners need.

“When running a business, entrepreneurs and business owners have to go down many different avenues and talk to many different people to get things done for promotion, advertising, PR, lead generation, funding, etc.. That’s why I created The One Connection Network to build a business.” Mike states.

In The One Connection a large number of top entrepreneurs and connections to various industries come together to provide their services to business owners and other entrepreneurs. Mike reports that the number of entrepreneurs and connections are constantly growing!

Through Mike’s businesses, he is able to use his biggest skill, which is communicating and connecting with people. He likes to talk with his clients and learn about their current situation and where they want to go, to make sure he can help them get there.

“I like helping my clients know what they need to do with what they have at their disposal in order to achieve their goals by taking what seems complex to them and showing them the simplicity in what needs to be done.” Mike shares. “As well as helping them identify their why and their pain points which need to be attached to their goals.”

Mike is able to connect with his clients in part because he has been where they are. Mike dropped out of college three times, moved from state to state, went through a breakup and got fired from a high-paying sales job all before starting his own business.

It was after working for a tree removal company for 10 months, working 5 months in a financial industry, and working 10 months for free as a sales manager for a franchise branch of an individual who he looked up to, that Mike started to turn his life around.

“After leaving the position I worked for free for 10 months, I had a lot of connections with some big names as well as a good sense of how things worked in the business coaching industry. This is when I started looking at the coaching industry and seeing what was missing.” Mike recounts.

What was missing is tailored coaching: most coaches act as if there was something that worked for everyone, when this is not the case. What Mike and his team do through their work  is figure out with their clients their goals and their “why”, and then put together a daily routine for them to execute. This way they have small wins in order to have a sense of fulfillment.

“We also identify the strengths and weaknesses of an organization in various departments, in order to strategize solutions on weak points while having the organization hyperfocus on their strengths.” Mike states.

Mike also helps clients understand the correlation between what happens in their personal life, and how it could affect them in their professional life. This differentiates him from his competition.

“Most coaches keep life and business coaching separate, but I combine the two to get the client the best possible results.” Mike explains.

Mike and his team also specialize in sales. They use a unique approach where they first understand the clients and then provide value to them by showing solutions rather than selling them. 

“When value is there, the price will not get in the way of you doing business.” Mike shares.

The difference between a leader and a boss is that a leader cares about the people that are with him rather than about himself. This is the approach Mike takes running True Life Ventures and The One Connection Network.

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