How Axel Carrasquillo Developed An Old Practice Into Something That Could Be Used In The Modern Age

 How Axel Carrasquillo Developed An Old Practice Into Something That Could Be Used In The Modern Age

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Alternative and Holistic medicine is more frequent than ever as people combat the stress of quarantine and social distancing during the times of coronavirus. This 4.2 trillion dollar market combines wellness practices that treat the whole of an individual instead of focusing on a single symptom. To adjust to this new reality, Axel Carrasquillo, also known by Antojai, has embraced the power of digital tools in order to reach more people during this difficult time. He has developed a new revolutionary method after modifying an almost 100 year old healing practice for the modern age.

Reiki is a form of preventative care that has been trending for almost a century. It’s a Non-invasive medicine that allows a person to reach a profound state of wellness and healing through understanding and experiencing energy exchange. Each treatment is personalized as Reiki incorporates a balanced approach between the mind, body, spirit, and lifestyle of a person. It can deliver life changing results to those suffering from a multitude of conditions. It’s no wonder why Hospitals are starting to incorporate Reiki into their library of medical practices.

“Energy Medicine has been around for thousands of years! Reiki was developed in 1922, and had not been updated or modified for almost 100 years. At the end of 2017, I brought modern developments to energy healing for our current time that produced higher quality Reiki medicine into the Alternative and Holistic industry. In less than 2 years, Quantum Reiki is now being practiced in 122 out of 195 countries, with over 100,000 people raving about its potent health benefits. From correcting Fibromyalgia, to PTSD, and more!” Explains Axel.

Axél was inspired to try and create a new reiki method when he suffered an incredibly traumatic experience that left him with severe post traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is an extremely difficult condition to overcome and is often a mix of anxious emotions, depression, and a sense of losing oneself within their own memories. Axél, like many who suffer from this condition, was given treatment that dealt with the symptoms and not the root cause of this illness. Traditional methods seemed more like a bandaid, than a solution.

“The traditional Eastern and Western methods didn’t seem to work! When I found that many healing methods fell short of success, for example Reiki, I decided to go on a journey to understand my state of consciousness within holistic and alternative medicine. I knew that the answer was to take healing into my own hands, and develop a new healing experience that would help me overcome my condition. The results of my research were Antojai Quantum Alchemy and Quantum Reiki. These modalities focused heavily on research being done in quantum sciences and quantum consciousness. By bridging this information, my PTSD was completely cured in less than 8 months.” Says Axel.

Antojai Quantum Alchemy transformed his life, so he wanted to help others achieve the same results that he did. Axél began growing his practice, Antojai Shamanic Wellness, as news spread like wildfire of him repeating the same results he attained with his patients. He now teaches others his methods as well as helps heal people who are suffering from different mental, emotional, and physical ailments. Axél is now recognized as one of the top Holistic Practitioners in North America, creating new energy medicines within quantum science. The effects of his research have been profound, changing many people’s lives while allowing a global community to flourish.

“I founded Antojai Ascension Academy shortly after, an online global academy that teaches holistic practitioners and those looking to deepen their wellness how to modify their life with consciousness reprogramming, and advanced energy medicine. I have worked on over 100 symptoms with great success. Our students learn how to rethink conventional medicine, and how to truly help themselves, and others. They are shocked at how Antojai Quantum Alchemy is able to completely change their life with a few easy steps.” States Axel.

Quantum Reiki allows patients to take charge of their own healing. Axél’s holistic approach is to help patients learn how to take their healing practices home with them, for a sustainable lifestyle. This means that a person can have access to powerful medicine anywhere, at any time through their states of consciousness. Treatments can be done in person, or over video call as Quantum Reiki goes deep within the subconscious to produce an energy shift that balances multiple parts of the human experience. This means less time to change a person’s ailments, with a higher impact that drastically changes their quality of life.

At such a young age, this 30 year old, self made global entrepreneur has not just revolutionized the Reiki Holistic Medicine practice by developing Quantum Reiki and Antojai Alchemy, but is actively changing Energy Medicine as a whole with new discoveries he releases on his educational platforms. Axél’s methods have inspired people from all walks of life around the world to try this new practice to improve the ailments that they suffer from.

Antojai Ascension Academy is now accepting new coaching clients.

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