How Clonefluence Inc. Is Taking Over The Music Industry

 How Clonefluence Inc. Is Taking Over The Music Industry

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The story of Clonefluence Inc. begins almost 2 and a half years ago when the Founder, Justin Grome, wanted to combine music with his love for social media. Clonefluence became Justin’s social media agency. It exists to help artists further their careers in countless amounts of ways. Marketing is a worldwide necessity and it isn’t something easy to do on your own.

Being able to make the decision of who you want on your team to achieve your goals is even harder, but Clonefluence is way ahead of their time, making it an easy decision.

The Mission of Clonefluence Inc.

Their mission as a team is to help their clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their careers. Some ways they go about doing this is through social media management campaigns, professional marketing tactics, and personal relationships. Small businesses to very well-known public figures, their services help all. When Justin was aware of the scams going on throughout the music industry, he set out to be different and actually ensure results because of the following he had built for himself.

By providing an amazing platform for upcoming and even very well-known artists, they aim to take artists to the next level no matter what the circumstances may be. What a lot of businesses fail to do is provide results and have a great platform to be part of, but Clonefluence is the total opposite and that’s why they stand out.

Clonefluence Inc. was officially launched on July 15, 2017, and since then has had pure success. It originally was named a few other things before they stuck with the concoction of the Clone and Influence. It was actually much deeper into artist management as well, but they don’t offer that service anymore.

During the same year in 2017, Clonefluence started off very small and was in no rush to perfect their marketing techniques. Justin was initially working on his own throughout the years before officially launching the corporation. The first step was creating a reliable team through the internet, which was extremely hard to find. Clonefluence is the true meaning of an internet company because of the fact that all of its employees don’t even live in the same state.

They’re spread out throughout the United States, specifically, to get diversity into their working habits and learning to become an entrepreneur of their own. The team wanted to give individuals a job, but not have the same hassle as a job would, meaning, they work on their own schedule, a boss isn’t down their throat, and they work from the comfort of their homes.

Clonefluence runs basically everything in the cloud and it has never been seen in the business field before. Besides the deeper intuition of their working environments being so calm and home warming, Clonefluence built one of the fastest social media agencies. So, how exactly did they do it?

The Story that took Clonefluence Inc. to the Top

Clonefluence has been built through hard work and determination. This team works harder than any other team ever before. They worked with artists like Kendrick Lamar, Riff Raff, Uncle, Murda, YONAS, Kiki Rowe, Ponce De Leioun, Skaa, and many more well-known individuals. Their team is very fond of consistency, if something doesn’t work then you keep trying it until it does.

That’s exactly what the did to work with the artists listed above. They kept trying and trying to email these artists and they finally responded. Clonefluence’s founder Justin Grome said, “You can’t take no for an answer in the business industry, if you want something then you go get it”.

It wasn’t easy for them to obtain such a resume, but when they did, it was huge. The artists worked either in collaborations or their social media was taken to the next level by them. Building association boosted the brand tremendously and enabled them to become extremely successful in the music industry, as well as other industries. 

As crazy as it sounds, everything needs to start somewhere, even the biggest companies you see daily. The real truth is that everything needs to be built from nothing.

Building an entity is necessary in order to increase your global development and your image as a company. As the company progressed, the money came. Clonefluence was never inspired by the money, but instead, the love for helping individuals create a name for themselves and doing it the correct way.