How Eugene Ambur Followed His Dreams To Make A Name For Himself

 How Eugene Ambur Followed His Dreams To Make A Name For Himself

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From a young age, Eugene Ambur knew he had a passion for technology. Despite having relatively little access to technology in his native Soviet Union, he still found a way to invest his time in playing with new technologies that he got access to, even constructing his own toys when he could. 

“My story starts in the former Soviet Union – where actually I was born. As a kid, I liked everything related to the digital world and technology. For instance, I built my own electric toys. The problem back then was that generally we did not have many opportunities, and in my town where I was born there was not much of it either – there just were no computers and not any electric toys I could have fun with.” Recounts Eugene.

Unfortunately, Eugene’s life took a drastic turn and the family moved to Germany. This was a difficult time for Eugene because he did not speak German and the family struggled to make ends meet. Eugene wanted to do more with his time, but could not enjoy many activities in highschool like other kids. 

“I did not finish my school time back then in Kazakhstan as our family moved to Germany. When I came to Germany, I felt like I had landed in a new world, with so many nice things around everywhere. It was exciting, yet at the same time for a few years also fairly hard, as I had to learn German and adapt to a completely different culture. So at this point I started to hate school because I did not understand very much in the first years, and I struggled to find friends, while my schoolmates used to make fun of me and laughed at me mostly for reasons I failed to grasp. When we had come to Germany, there was a lot that I liked to do or to get, however the problem always was shortage of money to fund it. I’d have loved to play ice-hockey, but it was not possible because the equipment was too expensive. I was longing for nice clothes, although I had to wear second-hand garments given by the Red Cross, and I would have liked a decent bike, whereas what I got was sourced from bulky waste.” Remembers Eugene.

Despite this time being difficult, it is also when Eugene got his first computer. He started developing his passion further for technology. He began making a name for himself by programming and hacking in the early years, but eventually began his passion for helping people develop their own websites.

“This was when I started to assist other people in developing a website, I began to program websites and created various forums. I was a rather well-known name in the domain of German www programming and hacking – namely, I have to admit, I hacked some PayTV providers during my school days. I enjoyed helping people around and earning some money. When I finished 12th grade in school at the age of 21 years, I straight away founded a company dealing with professional programming. I bought my much-desired favourite car at that time, a BMW 3 series. In the year 2013 I started bitcoin mining, systematically mined lots of bitcoins and was lucky enough to become a millionaire in 2017.” Says Eugene.

Amongst this business, Eugene also founded a sports car renting business that allowed people to rent the sports cars he owned. Even though he is now currently struggling to make ends meet due to the hardships that came with the economic downturn, Eugen is still trying to follow his passions.

“In the year 2017, I founded a company with my friend renting out our sports cars as a business, amongst others I bought a Ferrari and a McLaren, and everything was very pleasant indeed. I love fishing, sports, skydiving and jet skiing. I hold a skydiving licence and acquired my fishing licence here in Germany. By the end of the year 2018, unfortunately, the market deteriorated, and consequently I lost a lot of money by investing in failing companies and by putting too much trust in my best friend  – money, which I will most likely never see being returned to me. I decided to sell the cars which I had rented out previously, and until today I’m still operating in the Blockchain tech space. Also I’m finding fun in making videos for some social platforms.” Explains Eugene.

In this tough time, Eugene hopes to continue developing his blockchain website and continue creating videos for fun on his youtube platform. He tries to be a big thinker who understands different work spaces which has helped him become successful in his businesses. For those who wish to start their own business, he recommends to not listen to others.

“The biggest problem is that other people around you tend to say to you that you will not achieve it. The reason seems to be that because they don’t have it themselves, they would probably not like to see yourself growing. If you seriously think of starting something, just go and do it. It doesn’t matter what others are saying.” Advises Eugene.

If you would like to learn more about Eugene’s businesses, you can check out the websites for car rentals at, and his blockchain technology website at