How Nani Bernal Went From Broke to 6-Figure Earner

 How Nani Bernal Went From Broke to 6-Figure Earner

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Nani Bernal has a backstory that does not sound like it would set her up for success, and it didn’t. She had to work extra hard to get to where she is today. When Nani was a child she had an early appreciation for salesmanship and teamwork, but when her life started to go downhill, so did her aspirations. Her childhood years weren’t the best years of her life and she experienced rough situations as a child.

This caused her to get involved with a bad crowd, get into fights, and drop out of high school. When Nani Bernal was 18 she won a medical malpractice lawsuit and was granted 2.5 million dollars. Unfortunately, this is not when her life started to get better because her family attorney liquified her accounts and gambled away all of her money. Shortly after this, Nani found out she was going to have a baby. This is what made her realize she needed to become more accountable for her actions and change her mindset. 

She went from job to job and the whole time she kept a positive mindset and kept working hard. Her mom has instilled in her since she was a child that whatever you do, always work as hard as you can. Nani’s work ethic is one of her strongest characteristics as she never gives up. 

So, how did Nani Bernal go from broke high school dropout to a 6-figure earner? Nani Bernal did not get to where she is now overnight. It took a lot of physical and mental hard work. She had to keep her mind strong and work her hardest at all of her jobs. 

Nani really became who she is today when she started working at a sales consolidation center where she was the number one sales representative with over 100k in sales. She then worked her way up the ladder to management and put in place her own systems and processes that helped that same company reach 7-figures. Learning from that experience she went on to do the same thing for other business ventures they opened up. Nani eventually went on to start up her own moving business and hit 350k in sales, but she realized that she just wasn’t happy. She was always burnt out and felt like it was time for a change, so that is when she started InPower.

Nani started InPower because of her passion to help others. Through InPower she is able to keep each of her community members accountable and lead them all to success. She has led multiple businesses to become successful 6-figure businesses. Nani Bernal was destined for success, but she created her own destiny and went from being broke to being a 6-figure earner. She has not only been able to create her own success but the success of others as well.

Even today Nani Bernal still holds herself accountable and focuses on maintaining her mindset so she can continue to push herself and inspire others. Through all of her experience and knowledge, she is able to help others become more successful and figure out what they’re good at. Nani has helped many people and businesses level up and she is only getting started.