How Paul Getter Went From Laid Off To The Best Rated and Trusted Internet Marketer

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If you haven’t heard of Paul Getter before, that’s because he was just a regular guy nine years ago. He was almost broke and he had no plans whatsoever for his life. However, now he is one of the hottest marketers right now, and he’s managed to become a top ads manager who is making millions of dollars by boosting New York’s best seller’s authors, A-list celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, and numerous other famous personalities.

Who is Paul Getter Anyway?

Paul Getter is a professional internet marketer who is leveraging the power of Facebook Ads to drive success to his customers worldwide. His story is quite astounding. In less than nine years, he managed to grow from being broke and having no internet experience whatsoever into being one of the top marketers on our planet. He has literally managed to achieve financial freedom and master Google Ads and Facebook Ads in less than ten years.

He has worked with numerous top marketers and celebrities, including Tai Lopez, Zig Ziglar, Neil Patel, Bob Proctor, Kevin Harrington, Dr. Alex Mehr, Tim Storey, Les Brown, and even Akon. He currently manages budgets of over $8 million a month and is optimizing numerous landing pages, websites, social media accounts and funnels. He is also a super affiliate for numerous products and earns over $500k a month solely from affiliate purchases.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how on earth was he able to go from being bankrupt, with no prior marketing experience, to becoming a top marketer? Moreover, how did he manage to get there so quickly? 

Below, we’ll dive into his story so you can better understand what helped him during his journey. 

Paul’s Story – From Being Broke to Earning Over $1 Million a Month

The main driver in Paul’s life was the fact that he was broke. His career began out of sheer desperation. Back in the day, he started out with eBay. He literally started by selling out his personal items. He got better at it and made a small fortune. However, he soon found out that the real money is in the world of ads.

He stumbled upon a Facebook Ads course and decided to start working as a freelancer. In just a few years, he started to earn huge revenues for his clients. Facebook Ads were just as its inception, so the competition was pretty scarce. Many people would contact him directly because there were not many ads specialists as there is today.

His secret lies in the fact that Paul worked ceaselessly. He worked super hard and went above & beyond to help scale up his clients’ businesses. Sometimes he would earn much less than he deserved, but he kept going. Even despite numerous challenges and setbacks, he kept going.

He works with each client in a personal way and tries to solve their problems using his unique methodologies. He’s not just an expert at creating and optimizing Facebook Ads, but he’s also an expert at understanding people’s needs and creating campaigns that meet those needs.

The Bottom Line

Paul’s story is an example of how each of us can succeed. Despite failures and challenges, we can dive into a niche and find our own way.