If Daniel Duminy Transformed His Social Media Presence into a Profitable Business, You Can Too

 If Daniel Duminy Transformed His Social Media Presence into a Profitable Business, You Can Too

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Social media has become a hub where many are making great fortunes. Some to the tunes of millions of dollars. More often, legendary musicians, veteran brand influencers, celebrities, and socialites are among those that make the biggest following on social scenes like YouTube and Instagram. It’s barely the young or upcoming artists who have a commanding presence on social media.

Daniel Duminy– an 18-year-old Durban young blood – is rubbing shoulders with social media bigwigs and seems to beat most of them in their own game. At such an early age, the young star is garnering fans to his Instagram and YouTube channels at rates that would leave any celebrity drooling for such influence. What’s more, Dan, who now lives in Los Angeles, is successfully turning his social presence into a thriving business. After securing a chance to sit with the busy artiste, he unravels the details of how he is setting a commanding social media presence into a good fortune. 

 About Daniel Duminy

Born and bred in South Africa’s urban world, Dan Duminy is multitalented young blood who’s taking over the social scene with an endearing command. Many know him for his racing career, where he competed in several S.A. track competitions and several global events. He was selected to compete in the 2018 Audi Sport T.T. Cup. 

“While in S.A., I worked with rappers Nasty C, Tellaman, and Rowlene. I used to do vlogs for them. I took pleasure in doing video clips of my daily activities and uploading them on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The response was always amazing, and before I knew it, I was already attracting a following, especially in my Instagram account,” says Dan. At 15, Dan Duminy was already sharing interesting content on YouTube, and his following grew by the day.

At the beginning of 2019, Dan’s Instagram account had scooped 33,000+ followers, and that was before he moved to live in L.A.. After moving to L.A. to pursue his social media influencing passion, he had clocked a 40K Instagram following. 

Shinning Away from Home

Dan’s decision to move to L.A. was inspired by the belief that social media was were his heart and future wanted to focus. He, together with a friend, had already done their research about the ideal place to make their dreams come true. Los Angeles was the place. They decided to step out into the ‘real world,’ he describes L.A. to be where the magic started happening.

Four months in the new city, and Daniel Duminy’s following is a whooping 200K+! “I was overwhelmed by the support that L.A. gave me in my music and the content I’ve been uploading. I’m grateful,” says the happy Dan. Although he has not released any music yet, he’s positive that with the upsurge of a commanding following, he’s set to release an E.P. at the close of 2019.

Many miles away from home and Dan’s star continues to shine. Dan has been making his dollars from his growing YouTube channel as well as doing paid adverts for several international brands. Although he’s met the icons of the entertainment industry – Including Justin Bieber and Skrillex – Dan’s career highlights have been the recognition and a special connection with his fans. He owes his success to the support he gets from his fans.

Dan’s Word to Upcoming Social Media Influencers

Daniel Duminy is a self-made success, and he’s set for great heights. He owes his achievements to staying real and authentic in all his content. “I make sure the content I upload is a true reflection of the real Dan Duminy. I don’t fake it, and neither do I care what everyone says about me,” asserts Dan. 

He encourages upcoming influencers who want to create and build their brand to, first of all, input the correct information on their account bio. The right info and proper use of keywords will attract a good following on your account. Posting regularly and making sure the photos are good quality and using the relevant hashtags is the surest way to garnering followers on social media, especially Instagram. 

Wrap Up

Social media influencing and vlogging is no longer a thing only for the icons of the entertainment industry. Dan Duminy is proof that age is just a number when it comes to going for what your passion demands. His success is such an inspiration to many young and aspiring influencers. We’re yet to hear his music, which he is set to release late this year or early next year. Dan’s story is a success that came too soon, and his potential is limitless.