Interview With Machine Gun Kelly’s Photographer, ZAZU

 Interview With Machine Gun Kelly’s Photographer, ZAZU

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1) What made you want to get into photography?

Photography was just one of those things that I picked up by chance. I really just wanted to start a new hobby and photography was just recently on my mind as something that I could try out. The really was no grand design, it just caught on.

2. What’s the most memorable photoshoot you’ve had?

The most memorable photoshoot I’ve had was probably my first photoshoot. My friend had brought me along to a shoot and we were terribly awkward. I think it was, us, two old dudes, and three models just hanging out in a room waiting for something to happen. There was no vibe at all but as soon as the lighting in the room changed, boom! the mood changed. One moment everyone is ready to leave and the next, all you hear are shutter clicks from multiple cameras. It’s always fun looking back on that shoot. The way that shoot went about was so different than how my style of shooting is now. My confidence is there. I know what to do at all times now.

3. What do you do outside of photography?

Outside of photography I create a social media campaign for brands and influencers. The skillset goes hand in hand with my trade of passion because I know how to convey messages that connect with a target audience through content.

4. What’s your favorite photo you’ve taken and why?

My favorite photo I’ve ever taken is of Colson Baker (MGK) Dec 23rd at the Wolfstein xxxmas show. That photo speaks for itself.

5. Can you pick a few words that you think will describe the future of photography?

Photography is timeless.