Jad Kantari

Jad Kantari Is Proof That You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To

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Jad Kantari

Jad Kantari doesn’t believe he was ever inspired to pursue entrepreneurship, he believes he was born with it. Even as a kid, he never pictured himself being average or doing typical things in his career that would bore him and keep him wanting more for himself. While easier said than done, Jad has taken huge steps to make this a reality. First and foremost, he grew up in Beirut, Lebanon. While he never lacked anything growing up, he never had the money to take vacations or go to a nice restaurant for dinner. 

He always idolized his uncles growing up. He saw how successful they were building engineering businesses in the Middle East and the United States, and he knew he wanted to follow suit. It was then that he took his first major leap to providing a better life for himself, as he moved to the US at 18 to attend college. Lebanon was not the ideal place to start a business, and he knew that the only way to change his circumstances would be to bet on himself and start a new life. 

Upon arriving in America, Jad wasted little time getting after his goals. He graduated from USC with a degree in civil engineering and immediately got to work as a project engineer. This was a great start, and he had become stable in a completely new country away from his family. But even still, his mindset was the same as when he was a boy: He refused to be average.

After discovering e-commerce and social media marketing, Jad came to realize that his calling was in selling and marketing products online. He began his ecommerce career dabbling in selling items on websites such as Etsy, but picked up massive momentum when he discovered a Shopify course that would change his skillset and attitude on the industry forever. He came across some struggles with things like Facebook ads, but persevered nonetheless as he knew that he was meant for ecommerce. 

His struggle to overcome the learning curve of Facebook ads ended up leaving him with thousands in credit card debt, but his mindset to understand that he’d overcome this allowed him to generate 6 figures in revenue only 6 months later. He’s now able to not only lead a life that he can be content with, but he can take care of his family and travel the world without having to worry about a price tag.

While scaling his business has been challenging as he seeks the right people to build a team around, being able to wake up every morning with the overwhelming feeling of excitement makes it more than worth it. He has spent a lot of time making sure he has the right team in place in an effort to delegate a lot of the tasks he spends substantial time on to his team. Soon, Jad Kantari will have a massive cash flowing business that is fully automated and can run without him even being present. 

It goes without saying that Jad has come a long way from being a boy in Lebanon with dreams of a better life. It may even be a safe bet to assume that the businessmen uncles he used to look up to now look up to him as he only continues to get better each and every day.