Jeremiah Davis, the 23-Year-Old Instagram Star Who is Turning Heads with His Talent in Photography and Videography

 Jeremiah Davis, the 23-Year-Old Instagram Star Who is Turning Heads with His Talent in Photography and Videography

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Jeremiah Davis, also known as ThatOneBlondKid on Instagram, Is one of the talented photographers and videographers in today’s generation. The young star is one of the few graduates who do not need a resume to secure a job. He was able to tour 50 countries within two years of his career life, work with MTV’s crew The Buried Life, work with the renown group, The Chain smokers and produced his own Snapchat series about travel.

Jeremiah is one of the few individuals who have not had to choose between fun and work. For him, it has been easy as he can incorporate both at the same time. The young star is a good definition of living beyond your comfort zone.

The Birth of a Career in Photography and Videography

Jerimiah found his inspiration on photography from his elder brother, who was a pro videographer, while in high school. His career in photography though started after his freshman year at Azusa. It was after Davis set out for a walk across Spain, the Camino de Santiago. From the walk, he brought with him a GoPro which he used to try and edit the footage he had shot during the walk.

The young photographer then set out for another four months trip to South Africa with his “Crappy Camera,” taking selfies and making duck faces. He suddenly felt the urge to give his followers a better experience and decided to upgrade his news feed.

The Drone Experience

While on campus, Davis had mastered the art of pilot shooting using a drone. His first gig as a drone shooter, was with a non-profit organization, Be Perfect Foundation, that was raising awareness on spinal cord injury victims. According to Davis, everything took a turn around in his career life after his girlfriend got him a drone for his 22nd birthday. That inspired Davis to upgrade his feed to resemble a Hollywood star now that he had the right tools.

The high quality and beautiful images brought him so much love on Instagram, with an increase in the number of likes as well. That gave him the confidence to explore more with his page. He developed the courage to direct message potential employers he had always looked up to.

Finding Breakthrough in His career

In January of 2016, Davis reached out to Rory Kramer after he spotted him as a producer to Justin Bieber’s “I’ll Show You” music video. On his pitch, Davis congratulated Kramer for the excellent job he had done on the song, then requested him for a chance for them to work together. Three days later, Davis had not received feedback from his pitch. He went ahead and rewrote it, attaching a video of his previously done drone footage then offered to work for free for Kramer if given a chance. Kramer replied to his second DM, and they have been working together since then.

After a good working relationship with Kramer, he started recommending him to others in the industry. Kramer introduced Davis to work for G-Eazy. Davis, together with G-Eazy’s team, shot footage for his Endless Summer Tour which they used on his live performances. Kramer also recommended him to Poo Bear, and Davis did Poo Bears wedding shoot which was also a big success.

In the spring of 2016, Davis was contacted by The Buried Life’s Dave Lingwood, for a job with Snapchat’s “Yes Theory” as videographer and producer. It was after Davis reached out to him on Instagram. The show involved Ifor boys from different countries, set out for a challenge to live beyond their comfort zones. Davis would later take up the challenge himself two and a half months later after working with the group.

Soon after that job, Kramer reached out to Davis and requested him to do drone footage for The ChainSmoker’s “Closer” lyric music video. It is now one of the most-watched videos on Youtube with over a billion views. After that job, The Chainsmokers took him in and have toured with him around the world in their performances as their videographer.

Many have come out to speak of their inspiration from Davis’ life of going beyond his comfort zone. Among them is Sebastian Hugoboom. He was able to pitch a financial analyst celebrity, that he always wished to work with. The pitch was a success, and Hugoboom was able to secure a job with his potential employer. Davis has urged other young people to go beyond whatever obstacles they may encounter until they get to their destinies.