Unlocking The Secret Of Real Estate Through Data: Jesse Burrell Revolutionizes The Industry

 Unlocking The Secret Of Real Estate Through Data: Jesse Burrell Revolutionizes The Industry

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Many of us think of the real estate industry as a volatile industry to get involved in. It is a place where success is rarely determined by the person, but rather the market that surrounds housing. In addition, what little we know about flipping houses comes down to location of the property, but how can big data be useful for the real estate industry? Jesse Burrell has unlocked that secret. Unlike many others, Jesse Burrell has made a name for himself in this industry and found success by channeling the power of big data. 

“If you are a real estate investor or a house flipper, my business is perfect to help you. I have helped flip over 1000 houses and am a sought out keynote speaker on entrepreneurship.” Jesse exclaims. 

Jesse Burrell, better known as the REI Data King, is a Real Estate Investor who uses data to help others flip houses. Jesse’s success not only has created opportunities for himself, but he has also enabled other real estate companies to be successful as well. He did all of this before the age of 30, and by the time he was 30, he was already a multimillionaire who had established himself within the real estate industry. His success is based on his ability to understand data and use it to understand the housing market. 

“I am also known as the REI Data King and I have earned this title by using my data company to help flip houses. I am a 10+ year entrepreneur, an active investor in multiple startup companies, an owner of a multi-million dollar data company, and have created $40 million in pipeline development projects. I have established huge credibility within the REI community by creating software solutions for real estate companies.” Explains Jesse. 

Jesse hopes that his success can be used to inspire other people to do the same. He achieved what he did by believing in data and what it could do for his business. Jesse’s experiences have allowed him to have the financial freedom and he hopes to give others the same. In addition to that, he hopes to act as a resource to help others with their own financial literacy to give people the opportunity to achieve the same results that he has. 

“I made a name for myself in the Real Estate Industry by creating software solutions for real estate investors. I consider myself a leader and trainer in helping people find their own paths to financial freedom as I did. I hope to create and implement financial literacy for anyone who comes across my path.” Jesse says.

Despite the success that Jesse has now, it was not easy for him to get started. As with many other businesses, Jesse went through a period of trial and error before he reached his final outcome. He began his venture into business without any money and failed numerous times. Jesse got through these hard times by adjusting his mindset. He recommends that anyone who is trying to start their own business to have the right kind of mindset in order to get through the difficult starting point of business life. 

“I tried getting numerous startups going in my 20’s. I failed a lot, and I started with absolutely no money. The way I got through it all was by readjusting my mindset and creating an entrepreneurial mindset.” Recounts Jesse.

Jesse continues to pursue his goals and develop his data business to make himself even more useful in this hightech world. If you would like to find out more about Jesse Burrell, you can follow him on Instagram @jesseburrell.