Up-Close with Marion W. Cain III; The World’s High-Ranking Public Speaking Coach

 Up-Close with Marion W. Cain III; The World’s High-Ranking Public Speaking Coach

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Public speaking, for many people, is viewed as a talent for a select few. Many think that the renown public speakers were born with the art and the skill from birth. While all that could be true to some extent, the art of public speaking and speech delivery has been redefined.

Meet Marion W Cain III, a public speaking and crisis management coach who has revolutionized the mindset of many towards creating a new perception towards public speaking. We’re going to dive into the depths of Marion’s story to learn how he climbed to the coveted levels of being ‘The Kharisma Coach’ that every high profile actor wants to work with. This article will reveal the wealth of knowledge and prowess that overflows from Marion’s life and how it is helping millions of people change their lives into a fortune. Let’s get up-close with Marion W. Cain III.

Who is Marion W Cain III? 

Speaking of the current status quo, Marion Cain is a public speaking expert and a qualified crisis management coach. At least that is the simplest way to introduce this multifaceted man of his kind. While he was brought up like any person with a decent education and a normal upbringing, Cain the 3rd is one of the few who went out of the ordinary to meet his success head-on.

He has nine academic degrees in various fields which he has crowned with 20+ years of knowledge and experience in the public speaking industry. Cain has specialized in training people the art of public speaking, which means he stands out as an expert in the art. For the record, he has delivered more than ten keynote speeches in packed stadiums, and the prestigious Qualcomm Stadium is among the many he has given lectures at.

Marion W. Cain III has toured over 28 states and 11 countries to share his prowess with public speaking clientele. As a global Risk and Crisis Manager, Cain manages accounts with huge amounts of money- to the tunes of $100M+. His client avatar is on a worldwide scale and has helped settle more than 2500 cases that took place in some of the world’s harshest courtrooms.

Cain is a graduate of the renowned Sedgwick Russel Acting School, and in his acting career, he has been featured in feature-length films with a global outreach. He has been featured as a magazine model on prints that has global distribution in various countries, print, and different dialects. Cain has worked with over 1250 high-profile figures in the world, including models, company CEO’s, professional athletes, and social media influencers. He has trained many of them how to master stage-fright, podcast presentations, negotiations, and personal relations. Marion W Cain III is also a best-selling author of several books published under his brand.

 Helping Many Build Charisma for Life

On the pursuit of his public speaking career, Marion says, he discovered that though many public speakers were doing well in the art, most felt as though there was a missing piece in the whole art. Marion figured out that most public speakers lack charisma in speech delivery. One can give a persuasive speech that commands a standing ovation, or one could have a one million social media following but fail to have any beneficial impact from it.

According to Cain the 3rd, charisma, which derives from the Greek word khárisma, is a God-given gift that exists in every person. He has mastered how to unlock the hidden divine gift through his ‘Instant Kharisma’ seminar where he helps clients to activate a unique, charismatic dominance that eventually turns out to be a revenue-generating venture.

Marion W. Cain III owns a membership site which he calls the Kharisma Mastery Program. It is a one on one membership program where you get to master different communication skills in a somewhat scientific and practical approach that translates to instant results in articulate and pro speech delivery. Among other skills and services offered on his site, you’ll find a curation of video content, editing existing content, curating video, interview and hosting coaching, and remote or onsite client dress-up/style-up.

Wrap Up

Through Kharisma Mastery, Marion Cain III has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and other career-focused personnel to live out to their full potential as far as public speaking is concerned. He has redefined the art of public speaking by teaching the world that any communication, apart from soliloquy, is public speaking. Moreover, learning to spruce it up with a charisma plugin could make you generate tons of recurrent revenue from all social communication platforms like online videos, podcasts, YouTube, Facebook, and Google. What do we say! Thank you, Marion Cain III.